Well-being as National Security

When the term “national security” crops up, our thoughts usually turn to things military. Indeed the dictionary on my Mac defines national security as “the safety of a nation against threats such as terrorism, war, or espionage.” But the security of a people is often threatened by things other than

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Whither Sudan?

The prospects for Sudan brightened considerably last Friday. The military and pro-democracy forces reached a power-sharing agreement that should end a three-month political crisis that has paralyzed the country and led to dozens of deaths following a brutal assault on peaceful protesters by the authorities. The two sides will form

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Montreal Simon: Donald Trump: When Madness Becomes Normal

I always knew that the sleazy Con clown Donald Trump was spectacularly unfit to be the President of the United States.

How could he not be when he’s a crass demagogue, a bigot, a misogynist, a rabid climate change denier, and an abysmally ignorant Con man who makes it up as he goes along?

But it wasn’t until I watched him perform at NBC’s Comander-in-Chief Forum the other night, that I finally realized how dangerous he could be if he ever occupied the White House.

For it was madness.
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Babel-on-the-Bay: If trouble comes?

We live a very peaceful life in Canada. It was surprising though the other day when in an interview on Global Television, Tom Clark asked Ottawa’s chief of the defence staff his major concern for Canadians. Without hesitation, General Tom Lawson said his main concern was a natural disaster. He

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