Scripturient: Type amen, click like and share…

I created what proved an interesting discussion on Facebook recently when I threatened to ‘unfriend’ anyone who continued to out those obnoxious ‘type amen and share’ posts on their timelines. Now if you’re a FB user, you have seen these things endless times. They’re as common as the “50% will get this math question wrong” and ...

Scripturient: Modern Credulity Sucks

People believe a lot of crazy things. I’m talking about really seriously bat-shit crazy  stuff that somehow people you thought were normal believe and now you look at them like they have grown extra heads. It’s like discovering a whole family of cousins you’ve been inviting for Xmas dinner all those years are actually Scientologists. Or ...

A Grumpy Hobbit: May 20th – It Draw the Prophet Mohammed

May 20th – It Draw the Prophet Mohammed I really do not care if this offends people, I do not care when I depict other religious significant figures either, whether it be the Pope, Jesus, Satan or whatever batpoop crazy you pray to.  Fair game is fair game and I will mock the occult and ...

A Grumpy Hobbit: Garland Texas Shooting, Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest and RWNJs

Garland Texas Shooting, Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest and RWNJs So much stupid, from so many sources, it is impossible to point it all out.  But let us start with my position, so there is no mis-understanding. Draw Muhammad Day (actually held on May 20th), I am totally cool with it.  Just like I have no ...

A Grumpy Hobbit: May the Fouth,… blah blah blah

A Grumpy Hobbit

Dead Wild Roses: Schrödinger’s Cat

Never underestimate the powah of the Kitteh!… 🙂 Filed under: Humour, Science Tagged: Humour, Kitteh, meme, Science

Dead Wild Roses: The Back to School Experience in One Picture.

  ’nuff said. 🙂   Filed under: Humour Tagged: back to school, doh!, meme

Melissa Fong: DTES Local Area Plan- Speaker #5, on Amendments

We need to respect the experiential knowledge of DTES residents that understand how the plan violates their security. Not fundamentally opposed to Vision- but you have to realize reality. If you insist on the ideology of “social mix” you also have to set up the circumstances for dignity of all people- not just a veil. ...

Melissa Fong: Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan- Summary

Like last time, I did some LiveTweeting of the evening- My strategy is to summarize the main point of all the voices; add in my OWN commentary (I can be […]

Melissa Fong: #25KLunch WINNERS Announced! Who said there’s no free lunch?

Other than the fact that I should win the best prize for dragging out a meme that would have otherwise had the life-span of a fruit fly… I’ve got some […]

Melissa Fong: Top 25 of #25KLunch Meme Finalists Announced!

  Okay, folks! The moment has come to see your Top 25 Finalists for the #25KLunch meme competition!  I can’t even tell you how many messages I’ve received telling me […]

Melissa Fong: Financial reform: Taking responsibility as public servants and otherwise…

Facts: I don’t hate Vision Vancouver.  I’m indifferent to the overall career of Gregor Robertson.  I actually like Andrea Reimer, from what I know of her.  (Confession: I really like […]

Melissa Fong: Admitting to not knowing until it was too late: The DTES Local Area Plan implications

…I admit that I didn’t know how REAL it was until the 3 days came to an end and even after it passed…. After that the reality sunk in, I got more and more angry as I realized the implications of the plan. The fact is that poor people LIVE this. This is their reality. ...

Melissa Fong: #25kLunch Meme Competition Update #1

The #25KLunch meme has received more press than I would have ever imagined! Amazing what a group of really dedicated “mockticians” can do to bring the issues out there. #25KLunch […]

Melissa Fong: #25kLunch Meme Competition to shame Mayor Gregor Robertson’s partnership with Developers & Condo King Bob Rennie

So I’ve started a #25kLunch tag – the good people on twitter who have engaged throughout this whole process have kept spirits high and helped suggest a meme competition. 1) Create your own meme 2) Upload your meme to twitter images (make sure you save image & upload to Twitter direct b/c it’s a ...

Melissa Fong: “Check your privilege” meme and why it is ineffective

Okay, this has been bothering me ENORMOUSLY. I talk about racism a LOT.  I also blog a lot.  For the entire duration of my social justice life I have never […]

Eclectic Lip: The quest for the golden meme

Golden mean image sourced here. It’s been a pretty good month, in terms of writing. Over at GreenCarReports, I had my piece on September EV sales in Canada, a Canadian Thanksgiving-centric story riffing on the country’s nationwide EV charging network, and discussed what our EV drivers do, to get through Canadian winters. Topping that off, ...

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: Plato, Music and Misquotes

I spent a pleasant morning, Saturday, browsing through the works of Plato, hunting for the source of a quotation I saw on Facebook, today.* I did several textual searches for words, phrases and quotes on sites that offer his collected … Continue reading →

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: Enter Christopher Marlowe – Again

Back in the late 1990s, I wrote an essay about the “controversy” over who actually wrote the works of Shakespeare. I wrote, then, Not everyone agrees that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare. The challenge to his authorship isn’t new: for the last … Continue reading →

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: The chemtrail conspiracy nonsense

Scientists need not apply for membership in the Chemtrail Conspiracy. In fact, scientists will probably be booted out for even walking on the same street where the meeting is being held. That’s because scientists would shine a light into the utter … Continue reading →

cartoon life: Next meme please

Here is something heart-warming for Christmas. Maybe I still have a Dexter hangover. Filed under: art, digital, drawing, illustration Tagged: Are you happy now?, Cat, Grumpy cat, meme, Tard, Tarder Sauce, When will this ever end?

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: Four words about the Mayan Apocalypse

For all of you New Agers who expected something momentous to happen, December 21, because an obscure, millennium-old calendar ended on that date, and are disappointed that the world didn’t end, I have four words for you: I told you … Continue reading →

Chadwick's Blog & Commentary: The Useless Web

We all know Wikipedia is not always accurate, and sometimes biased. We all know that most internet quotations are wrong attributed or misquoted. We all know that the Web is full of useless, trivial pap like “psychic” hot lines, astrology, … Continue reading →

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Those Facebook Games

Facebook games are getting more, and more easy all of the time. Just see how long it takes you to solve one of the typical Find-A-Word game images that goes around. Here’s my contribution to the game-spam. Share it once you find the solution! Spread my meme!

Those Emergency Blues: How Nurses View Themselves

A selection of “What I Actually Do” meme posters” related to nursing, which have been making the rounds on the Interwebs. Some of them, I guess, are funny and clever, and they’re meant (I suppose) to educate the public at large about the realities of nursing. But what I think is interesting is the way ...