Big Telecom could slip new slow lane powers into a U.S. bill that has nothing to do with the Internet

A few days ago, OpenMedia helped our campaign partners at Demand Progress add the names of thousands of Internet users to a historic legal defense of the Net Neutrality rules that are currently being challenged in court by Big Telecom in the U.S. As you may recall, the rules being challenged are the ones we ... Are Canada’s Big Telecom giants hiring U.S. firms attacking VMedia Inc., a small Canadian ISP?

Why is a foreign, U.S.-based public relations firm attacking a small Canadian indie ISP, VMedia, Inc.? That’s a question some Canadians may be asking in response to a recent public debate over the direction of Canada’s digital future. Over the past few weeks, a debate about the future of independent (i.e. non-Big Telecom) Internet services ... Confirmed: Shaw rings in 2015 by charging higher prices for slower Internet

confirmed-shaw.png January 6, 2015 – Shaw today confirmed that it will be charging higher prices for slower Internet in 2015. Concerned Internet users warned of these price hikes back in December and confirmation today has sparked outrage online. The changes mean that new customers will need to choose between getting slower Internet speeds, or paying more for a faster service. For example, ... CBC: Cord-cutting continues as Canadians ditch TV & landlines

More and more Canadians are ditching Big Telecom’s price gouging on phone and TV services. What about you? Article from The CBC More Canadians are abandoning traditional telephones and TV services, reflecting a growing trend prompted by changing lifestyles, according to a new study. read more Guest blog by Barry Shell – How Big Telecom makes trouble when switching Internet providers in Canada

Here’s a guest blog by community member Barry Shell, who is writing to: “show everyone how Shaw and the other major Canadian Internet providers deliberately invent unnecessary obstacles to try to stop Canadians from getting lower-cost service from independent providers.” Imagine having to pay nearly $200 whenever you want to buy gas from a ... A pro-Internet Top 10 to do list for James Moore

Ensuring Canada has an accessible, affordable, surveillance-free, and open Internet is essential for our economy, culture, and global competitiveness. We now have a new, heavyweight Industry Minister in James Moore – someone with the power and influence to take on Canada’s entrenched Big Telecom giants. Expectations for Minister Moore are high, with citizens expecting him ... Progress In Canada’s High Internet Pricing — Indie ISPs lowering rates

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians, it looks like independent ISPs like Teksavvy, Distributel, Acanac, and Start are finally gaining the ability to do what Canadians need them to do: provide independent affordable Internet services, and in so doing provide a check on Big Telecom price-gouging. For example, indie ISP TekSavvy recently announced ... How Telus lost its credibility.

Co-authored by Catherine Hart Canadians and even the CRTC[1] know our cell phone market is broken. Canadians pay some of the highest prices for some of the worst service in the industrialized world, and, as we showed in our recent report,[2] we’ve been subjected to systemic mistreatment by the Big Three cell phone providers. Big ... Industry Minister appears to be feeling the heat over lack of cell phone choice in Canada

Industry Minister Christian Paradis appears to be feeling the heat – he’s announcing that the government will have new wireless infrastructure rules soon. This is a good sign. Paradis has dragged his feet long enough and now we need bold action. Demand choice for yourself and others at Article by Christine Dobby for Financial ... Huffington Post: The fight for Canadians’ personal information heads to court

Independent ISP TekSavvy has been granted additional time to notify Canadians that they could soon be implicated as part of an ongoing copyright crackdown. Although TekSavvy is not a defendant in the ongoing court case, it’s re-assuring to see efforts made by a service provider to help Canadians understand and prepare for any charges filed. ... Huffington Post: TekSavvy warns Canadians it has received requests for personal info

Independent Internet Service Provider TekSavvy has announced that an American film studio is demanding personal information of its Canadian customers – a motion that follows recent changes to Canadian copyright law. In response, TekSavvy is taking a stance that aims to protect Canadian privacy – stating that it will not provide personal information without a ... Bell raises prices, Telus furthers usage limits: Big Telecom is hurting the Internet

This week, Canadians learned that big telecom company Telus will be further limiting how much its customers can use the Internet. Soon after, we learned that big telecom company Bell will be jacking up their prices for Internet. After fighting for Internet openness and affordability for years, the pro-Internet community knows: this is price-gouging, pure ... Huffington Post: Telus introduces new Internet disservice

Telus has announced plans to cut back on user bandwidth for its Internet service starting early next year. This Internet disservice comes after Telus met with OpenMedia to state that they were wanting to make amends with Canadians. Now is the time for Canadians to take action in making the switch to Distributel, TekSavvy or ... Big Telecom pushing back on independent ISP speeds

Rogers is being accused of anti-competitive tactics by independent ISPs who are using its network. The dispute surrounds Rogers ‘speed-boosting’ without changes in price to customers – but not allowing independent providers to access the same speeds without first paying additional costs. These costs aren’t just being payed by indie ISPs, they’re being passed down ... Playing Games – Big Telecom continues to throttle Canadian Internet connections

Canadian citizens are paying for Internet access, but Big Telecom isn’t being completely open about the restrictions that they’ve been imposing. When Big Telecom was confronted about throttling Canadians’ Internet connections last year, they made a promise to change their ways by this year’s end. Read on for an overview of what the Canadian Gamers ... The Globe and Mail: How to cut your Internet-phone bill

We’re making progress in having a transparent review of Big Telecom’s pricing practices for independent providers, but Canadian citizens are still being overcharged for everyday services. Let’s move forward together and put Big Telecom’s price-gouging behind us. Make the pledge to switch to an independent provider using our online tool at Article by Hugh ... Another victory for Canadians as CRTC calls for increased transparency

A CRTC decision came down on Friday for more transparency to how Big Telecom assigns wholesale rates and pricing. This is another sign of progress for the +500,000 Canadian citizens who spoke out through Use our online tool at to find independent providers in your area and read more about the CRTC transparency ... The Gazette: Big Telecom ordered to open their books

After thousands of Canadians spoke out against Big Telecom’s price-gouging through, the CRTC has announced a decision that will lead to more transparency in Internet service costs. As Canadians get closer to finding out the true costs behind our Internet services, we’re also getting closer to a levelled playing field between telecom choices. Use ... CRTC pushes Big Telecom to be more transparent, to set the stage for more choice for Canadians

Tariffs_100x100_120117.png Pro-Internet community lauds CRTC decision to open up Big Telecom’s costing process October 26, 2012 – The CRTC announced today that Big Telecom will have to make more of its costing process public. Much of the “confidential” information submitted by Big Telecom to establish wholesale rates will now be put on the public record. ... Online Services are great for Canadians, but threaten Big Telecom

Big telecom companies are feeling the squeeze as online services are offering Canadians alternative, cheaper ways to communicate and get access to diverse media content. These include video services like YouTube, AppleTV, and Netflix, and Internet-based social messaging services. These services provide an easily customizable and far more affordable alternative to content services offered by ... The Globe & Mail: Rogers and Bell to purchase majority stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Two of Canada’s biggest media conglomerates, Bell and Rogers, are partnering up. Their goal? To take control of the iconic Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment group. The CRTC approved the deal yesterday, which includes three TV channels, several sports teams, and even some real estate holdings. With the CRTC giving Big Telecom their blessing for ... New data exposes Canadian ISPs throttling download speeds

Canadian citizens are paying for Internet access, but Big Telecom isn’t being completely open about the restrictions that they’ve been imposing. With new data just published by the Measurement Lab, Canadian service providers such as Bell and Rogers have been exposed as interfering with over 75% of torrent transfers and download speeds. The CRTC confronted ... The Globe & Mail: Rogers says defence of false advertising case a ‘slam dunk’

Last week we shared how Rogers is trying to seek court approval for using false advertising in their campaigns. By claiming ‘fewer dropped calls’ without the requisite data and testing, Rogers is now faced with a $10M fine by the Competition Bureau. In opening remarks to the trial made late last week, Rogers’ lead lawyer ... Where we are today

Lobbyists have been seeking greater control over the Internet on multiple fronts – but citizens have been coming together in huge numbers (and across borders) to use the Internet to save the Internet. This is revolutionizing politics around the world. As we head into fall, we’re energized to see that our work is moving forward, ... Postmedia: Rogers seeks court approval to lie to Canadians

Today Rogers is butting heads with the Competition Bureau in the Ontario Superior Court. This big telecom company is seeking court approval to lie to Canadians in their advertising. This after Rogers was called out for making false claims in their ads. Pro-Internet community member Brian Kno—who shared this on our Facebook Wall—boils it down ...