calls new Industry Canada framework a welcome step, but clear action required to give Canadians access to affordable mobile service

Squeeze_DemandChoice_200x200_130122.jpg New rules may help address past government policy failures, but much more needs to be done to fix Canada’s broken cell phone market June 28, 2013 – is saying that Industry Canada’s new rules on supporting affordable wireless options for Canadians are a welcome step forward, but more

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You may have heard the news that Canipre—a company that makes its money taking advantage of the Canadian copyright system—is currently working on behalf of U.S. media giant Voltage Pictures, to try to obtain private information about 1,100 Canadian Internet users it has accused of violating its copyright. Clearly it’s

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stand against TPP.png As officials meet in Peru for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Canadian groups are helping launch an international “Fair Deal” coalition May 21, 2013 – Today, and a coalition of organisations representing a diversity of interests have come together from around the world to ask for a fair

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DC-Fees_200x200_130423.png Cell phone prices rising 13% more quickly than inflation WHO: Steve Anderson, Executive Director, Lindsey Pinto, Communications Manager, WHAT: J.D Power & Associates released a study that shows Canadians are paying 13% more for cell phone service than they did last year – this while Canada’s overall

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Takeover_210x150_120816.png Today is beginning of a week-long hearing to determine whether Bell should be given more control over Canada’s media system WHO: Steve Anderson, Executive Director, Lindsey Pinto, Communications Manager, WHAT: The CRTC is holding a public hearing in response to Bell—Canada’s largest telecom and media conglomerate—once again

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As Canadians wait with increasingly less patience for Industry Canada’s long-promised digital strategy, it appears that one city is taking matters into its own hands. From their mountainous British Columbia home, councillors of the City of Vancouver have crafted a plan that includes providing public wi-fi, sponsoring digital literacy programs,

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