Accidental Deliberations: Friday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to end your week. – Paul Wells discusses how the Justin Trudeau Libs have been reduced to bluster and reannouncements as a substitute for their promise of improved equality. And Michael Harris notes that some of the people who were crucial to Trudeau’s election in B.C. are seeing through his dishonesty. – Meanwhile, ...

Accidental Deliberations: Friday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to end your week. – Paul Wells discusses how the Justin Trudeau Libs have been reduced to bluster and reannouncements as a substitute for their promise of improved equality. And Michael Harris notes that some of the people who were crucial to Trudeau’s election in B.C. are seeing through his dishonesty. – Meanwhile, ...

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: When Long-Term Caregivers Tell Their Stories, Outcomes Improve

Arthur Kleinman understands families like mine.  I know he does, because he wrote this: The chronically ill (and their caregivers) often are like those trapped at a frontier, wandering confused in a poorly known border area, waiting desperately to return to their native land.  Chronicity for many is the dangerous crossing of the borders, the interminable ...


settling for, to be satisfied with: to settle for less. I had a dream and it was to become an actor.  I studied performance at university and went on to work in professional theatre as an actor, director and teacher.  My fascination lay in giving voice to human stories – in locating metaphors that could transform deeply personal experiences into universal truths.  When ...

OPSEU Diablogue: “Care as a relationship” is key to good long-term care: research

What are long-term care residences around the world doing right?  That’s the question an international research team travelled across North America and Europe to find out. Led by Pat Armstrong and Donna Baines, researchers visited nursing homes in Canada, Germany, … Continue reading →

Accidental Deliberations: Saturday Morning Links

This and that for your weekend reading. – Jacqueline Davidson offers a personal account of the experience of living in poverty, including the need to rely on charity to make up for constantly-unmet needs. And Alana Semuels discusses how single mothers in particular have no choice but to rely on social connections to make up ...

Alberta Diary: Alberta may be under ‘new management,’ but we’re getting the same old bait ’n’ switch tactics in health care!

Premier Jim Prentice and Health Minister Stephen Mandel, both PC candidates in the Oct. 27 four-seat mini-election, at yesterday’s “Bed Blocker” news conference in Edmonton. Below: NDP candidate Dr. Bob Turner and Liberal Candidate Dr. Donna Wilson, RN, both running against Mr. Mandel, ex-mayor; Seniors Minister Jeff Johnson; and AHS CEO Vickie Kaminski. Unelected Premier ...

Alberta Diary: Plot summary for a zombie policy apocalypse: Return of the Living Bed Blockers, Nightmare on Alberta Avenue, Part IV

Even though we know the prescription for curing the “bed blocker” problem, it’s unlikely Alberta can escape the revenge of the conservative zombie policy makers, shown above. Actual Progressive Conservative and Wildrose policy makers may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Zombie policy enablers Jim Prentice and Danielle Smith; ER physician Dr. Paul Parks. The ...

OPSEU Diablogue: How much longer can Ontario dance around nursing home staffing needs?

Ontario has been remarkably resistant to the idea of staffing standards in long-term care. Staffing is a major determinant of quality in long-term care – something even the most casual observer should understand. Such standards are not uncommon in other … Continue reading →

Those Emergency Blues: Where does the Rot Start in Nursing Home Abuse?

This story has been bouncing around the Canadian media since last May. Camille Parent, the son of a nursing home resident, set up a hidden camera in his mother’s room for four days after she (the nursing home claimed) was assaulted by another patient. The results were appalling. Watch here: The nursing home immediately fired ...

The Canadian Progressive: BC’s wheelchair fee for seniors in long-term care facilities not fair: Researcher

Janine Farrell, a seniors care researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, explains why the recently announced $25/month user fee for wheelchairs used by people in long-term care facilities in BC is not fair. The post BC’s wheelchair fee for seniors in long-term care facilities not fair: Researcher appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: No tolerance for resident abuse in long-term care homes, says CUPE

By: CUPE | Press Release: A hidden-camera video leaked to media and ensuing allegations of resident abuse at a Peterborough area long-term care home are “extremely disconcerting,” says the union representing front-line staff. It appears that the hidden-camera video clips leaked today to Peterborough media were taken without the knowledge of the nursing home administration, residents’ ...

OPSEU Diablogue: Grey and Bruce Counties pocket of available nursing home beds

The right care at the right place at the right time. It’s a reasonable goal for the health system, but frequently Ontarians are faced with difficult decisions because they can only access one or two of those three conditions. Recently we … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Ontario’s nursing homes — 10 years of empty promises from Queen’s Park

Here we go again. This week news of another shocking nursing home death – this time in The Wexford, a Scarborough long term care residence. A second resident was also injured in the resident-on-resident attack. Health Minister Deb Matthews predictably told … Continue reading →

Alberta Diary: Renting seniors’ beds is a formula for failure – and it’s time for Alberta to stop doing it

Fresh air and yogurt might have helped these guys live to be 160, but if they’d lived in Alberta, instead of Russia, where could they afford to sleep? Below, seniors care in Calgary, back in the day, before oldsters all carried tennis racquets, rode bicycles and looked like fashion models, only with white hair. Do ...

OPSEU Diablogue: Living Longer, Living Well: Muddled seniors strategy undermines universality of home care

There have been fewer than the usual suspects applauding the release of Living Longer, Living Well, Dr. Samir Sinha’s anticipated recommendations for a new seniors strategy for Ontario. In the early days of 2013, maybe nobody is yet paying attention. … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Proposal makes it easier for LTC workers to change jobs without new hire requirements

After tightening qualification rules around professions in long-term care, the Ministry of Health is now proposing to make it a little easier for existing nursing home workers to switch employers without having to meet the qualification standards for new hires … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: The best of Diablogue in 2012

It’s time for us to take our seasonal break and wish the best of the season to all our readers and posters. Next year will be challenging for health care activists as hospitals continue to shed services to balance their … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Nursing home placement — Who has the greater crisis?

Yesterday we looked at the challenge of CCACs is managing scarcity amid too few available nursing home beds in the province. One of the ways of placing a client into the nursing home faster – albeit with a three-month median … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Managing scarcity in long term care

Managing scarcity can be very time consuming. Ontario has been wrestling with rules around managing the shortage of long-term care beds, trying to find ways to meet sometimes contradictory objectives of freeing up hospital beds, reuniting spouses, accommodating veterans, prioritizing … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Auditor’s Report — Warning flags about diagnostic self referrals

Today’s release by the Ontario Health Coalition regarding the 2012 report by the Auditor General of Ontario:  Toronto – The Ontario Auditor General’s report released today raises warning flags about inadequate access to care and the perils of for-profit privatization. The … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Edgewater Gardens: LTC Staffing cuts should be a red flag for Ministry, LHIN

We all remember former Health Minister George Smitherman tearfully promising a revolution in long-term care. That revolution never really happened. Now we’re beginning to wonder if what modest gains were made during the Smitherman years are now beginning to be reversed. It’s been … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Fun with funding – for profit “envelope” gets biggest share of increase

Provincial long-term care funding is delivered to Ontario’s nursing homes bundled in what the Ministry likes to call “envelopes.” These figures are allocated for each resident under care. There is an envelope for nursing and personal care, another for program … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Are “high hazard” nursing homes “efficient?”

In BC they have a ratings system for residential care homes, or what we would refer to as “long-term care” homes in Ontario. The ratings look at complaints and critical incidents and determine whether a home is low, medium or … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Ontario has fewer nursing home inspectors than U.S. States

Ontario fares poorly compared to other jurisdictions when it comes to inspecting its 641 nursing homes. Last week we pointed out the impossibility of about 70 nursing home inspectors being able to investigate nearly 6,000 complaints and critical incidents as … Continue reading →