The Canadian Progressive: Read the statements from the two Democratic FCC members who opposed repealing net neutrality

Democratic Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel dissented against the US Federal Communications Commission’s 3-2 vote to dismantle net neutrality. Read the the two dissenters’ statements. The post Read the statements from the two Democratic FCC members who opposed repealing net neutrality appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: Why the July 12 net neutrality day of action in the United States matters

It’s the day a coalition of websites, technology companies, digital rights organizations, and internet users joined forces to to protest the Federal Communications Commission’s plan “to toss out net neutrality rules that preserve Internet freedom and prevent cable and telecommunications companies from controlling what we can see and do online.” The post Why the July ...

Montreal Simon: Why Justin Trudeau Should Fire the RCMP Commissioner

When the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson was working for the Con regime, I couldn't help feeling that he was turning the force into the Harper Police.Or help wondering whether he was willingly collaborating with that sinister mob, or whether like so many others he was being held hostage by them, and their depraved leader Boss Harper. And was suffering ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great War on the Internet

He rules by fear. He tries to muzzle his opponents. He is terrorizing the civil service, and politicizing the police.So when the Privacy Commissioner warns that Stephen Harper is trying to control the only thing he can't control, the internet. Canadians should be alarmed.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great War on the Internet

Well he may have had some anxious moments, cowering in a broom closet, while his faithful cult members prepared to defend him with home made spears.And a mentally ill gunman was being gunned down by the heroic Kevin Vickers, and…um… others. And it certainly wasn't his finest hour. But I see not so Great Warrior Leader did ...

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime and the War on Internet Anonymity

Well it's a very strange coincidence. But wouldn't you know it, on the day the Supreme Court gave the Cons another slap in the face. By upholding the privacy of internet users. Rejecting government fears of a “crime-friendly Internet,” the Supreme Court of Canada said anonymity is vital to personal privacy in the digital era. It told ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Facebook Creepers

He seeks total control. His dark world is full of enemies and he must know them ALL.His slogan is "Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Strength. Where he knows everything about us, but we don't know anything about him.He's building a massive security apparatus, he's been trying to violate our privacy for YEARS.And threatening us if ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Big Brother Cons

We know he seeks total control. We know he would be our very own Big Brother.We know he's out of his mind, but would make us pay to make him look good.But who knew he would make us pay to violate our own privacy? Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Con Zombies and the Internet Snooping Bill

Well I'm sure you remember the scary story of the Con zombie Vic Toews, and his infamous internet snooping bill. The one Toews called the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act (Bill C-30) but was really just a sinister plan to read our e-mails. By among other things forcing internet service providers to hand over information to police without a ...

The Canadian Progressive: VICTORY: Canadians Killed Harper’s Internet Surveillance Bill C-30

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 12, 2013: Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s Internet surveillance Bill C-30 is dead. The demise of the deceptively christened Protecting Children From Internet Predators Act is a victory for the Internet. For Canadian democracy. For Canadians. Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson confirmed it yesterday when he announced that the Conservatives won’t be pursuing the ...

The Canadian Progressive: A Year After SOPA, A Look At The Next 5 Battles For Internet Freedom

by Trevor Timm | Electronic Frontier Foundation, Jan. 18, 2013: One year ago today, Internet users of all ages, races, and political stripes participated in the largest protest in Internet history, flooding Congress with millions of emails and phone calls to demand they drop the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)—a dangerous bill that would have allowed ... We’re working for you

With your support we’ve been able to share your cell phone horror stories with decision-makers at the CRTC, bring your messages directly to officials behind the TPP, and continue in amplifying Canadian voices on an international level. Cory Doctorow, co-editor of Boing Boing and digital rights activist, had this to say: “At a time when ... Governments Boycott the New Internet Rules of the ITU

It’s been a whirlwind week at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) negotiations as member states scrambled to reach some kind of consensus on the updates to the ITU’s telecom rules by the deadline. As we’ve noted before, some states are intent on using the negotiations to expand the powers of the ITU and legitimize undemocratic ... What I told those behind the biggest threat to Internet freedom: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Thanks to all of you who have joined us at OpenMedia in our campaigns, last Friday I had the opportunity to address some of the lead bureaucrats and lobbyists behind the threat to Internet freedom that is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). My goal was to bring the voices of Internet users to their attention and ... Michael Geist: Secrecy the standard at Trans-Pacific Partnership talks

Another round of talks has concluded on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive trade agreement that could criminalize everyday Internet use, confiscate online data and give more power to corporate lobbyists. With Canada having joined the TPP as a ‘second-tier’ status member, it’s clear that our government has little to gain but Canadians have much to ... Huffington Post: TekSavvy warns Canadians it has received requests for personal info

Independent Internet Service Provider TekSavvy has announced that an American film studio is demanding personal information of its Canadian customers – a motion that follows recent changes to Canadian copyright law. In response, TekSavvy is taking a stance that aims to protect Canadian privacy – stating that it will not provide personal information without a ... NZ Herald: Copyright clampdown of the TPP

A secretive trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is again being negotiated this week in closed-door discussions – seeking to introduce invasive copyright legislation to everyday Internet use. Let the lobbyists and bureaucrats behind the TPP know that citizens worldwide rightfully deserve a seat at the table. Learn more about what’s hidden within ...

Canadian Progressive: How the ITU threatens Internet freedom and access (VIDEO)

Last week’s shutdown of Internet access in Syria has shifted the focus to the ongoing discussions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Concerns abound that the discussions could lead to greater surveillance powers for governments, and crippling limitations on Internet-based democratic activity. RELATED: Google Exposes Harper Government’s Growing Internet Censorship Appetites Conservatives Bill C-30: Upset ... RT News: Global UN summit votes to support Internet eavesdropping

At the ongoing International Telecommunications Union discussions, a top-secret proposal called ‘Deep Packet Inspection’ – or DPI for short – has been approved. This DPI standard has been adopted despite criticism that it could accelerate censorship in repressive nations and allow for online eavesdropping on a global scale. We need to speak out to ensure ... Empowered in the fight to protect Internet freedom

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) discussions are underway – leaving citizens worldwide to question the motivations of some of the countries involved. These discussions could lead to strict Internet governance, increased access costs and an erosion of human rights online. Send a message directly to ITU delegates at Read more on the ITU discussions ... Your Voice at the TPP Negotiations

The secretive and restrictive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is nearing its 15th round of negotiations, which will be held from December 3-12 in Auckland, New Zealand. This will be the first round of negotiations that Canadian and Mexican representatives will be attending since they signed onto the negotiations in October. The TPP could allow Big ...

drive-by planet: Assange book ‘Cypherpunks’ warns of threats to internet freedom

Julian Assange’ new book Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet is now available in paperback and e-book. The term “cypherpunks” refers to activists who make use of coded writing or cryptography in an effort to bring about progressive change. In its “about” intro to the book OR publishers notes that “Julian Assange, the ... How the ITU could put the Internet behind closed doors

Repressive regimes could gain dominant control over the Internet following next month’s ITU discussions. This would mean greater surveillance over everyday online activity, more expensive access costs, and strict censorship that would have governments deciding what citizens can or cannot see. But what exactly is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and how would it affect ... Thanks for asking us anything!

What do you get when you round up an enthusiastic group of digital rights experts, online innovators and advocates of Net Freedom – all with the purpose of taking any and all questions from members of the Internet community? If yesterday’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit is to be any indication, this arrangement of ... We’re hosting a Reddit AMA – join us!

We’re on Reddit today from 9AM – 7PM EST talking about Internet freedom, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what comes next for our campaign. Throughout the day, we’ll be joined by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Professor Michael Geist and various digital rights experts from Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, InternetNZ, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Public Citizen ...