Alberta Politics: Jason Kenney quits his job on federal electoral reform committee – so why are we paying him, again?

PHOTOS: Ride, Jason, Ride! Moving day in Ottawa. Jason Kenney’s arrangements to pack up his office and return to Alberta may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Mr. Kenney in Calgary; commentator Corey Hogan on TV. Softly, softly, Jason Kenney has quit his job on the Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform, presumably to give ... – Alberta Politics: 10 ways to Renew Democracy in Alberta

The first law created by Alberta’s New Democratic Party government’s after its election win in 2015 was Bill 1: An Act to Renew Democracy in Alberta, which banned corporate and union donations to provincial political parties. Following the passage of this law, the Select Special… Continue Reading → - Alberta politics blog: alberta election endorsements.

Over the course of the election campaign, I have identified candidates from all the political parties who would be good MLA’s in the next Legislature. Out of the group of more than 400 Albertans seeking office in the 2012 general election, I have chosen six candidates who I personally believe would make excellent additions to ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Ian Urquhart and Len Bracko: a Senate voting strategy for progressive Alberta citizens

The Senate chamber – may not be exactly as illustrated. Below: Somewhat progressive ‘Senatorial’ candidates Ian Urquhart and Len Bracko, in his Senatorial toga; Ralph Waldo Emerson. Since the Alberta government is committed to hosing away an extra $3 million of our tax dollars on Monday on the ridiculous exercise of a “Senate nomination election,” ... - Alberta politics blog: making cities matter in alberta’s election.

Alberta is the most urbanized province in Canada (81% of the population living in urban areas) and the Edmonton-Calgary corridor is one of the most urbanized regions in Canada. Looking to put cities on the provincial election agenda, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is using the website to weigh in on why it is important that Albertans know where ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election 2012: ian urquhart for senate.

Ian Urquhart for Senate Bringing some political diversity to the race, University of Alberta Political Science Professor Ian Urquhart has announced that he will run as an Independent candidate in the upcoming Senator-in-Waiting election. Active with the Alberta Wilderness Association, Dr. Urquhart is the first openly centre-left candidate to join the contest. His candidacy gives supporters of the Liberal, NDP, and Alberta ...