Montreal Simon: The Hilarious Hypocrisy of the Con Clown Erin O’Toole

From the moment the Cons and the NDP decided to go after Harjit Sajjan, nobody joined in the gang bang more gleefully than Erin O'Toole.Taunting the decorated Afghanistan veteran over and over again as only a Con could. Only to have that big smile wiped off his pudgy face.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Jason Kenney Disgraced Himself. Again.

Jason Kenney has disgraced himself, or made a fool of himself, many times during his long and sordid political career.He has gone after the human rights of women, gay people, Muslims, and most recently helpless refugees, as only a religious fanatic and a full fleshed Con bigot could. He once accused Justin Trudeau of trying to flood our ...