Accidental Deliberations: On incomplete assessments

Yes, there’s plenty of reason to be outraged by the fact that the National Energy Board is delaying its review of the Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion – and perhaps setting the review back significantly – so a lobbyist for the project can take over as a board member. But it’s worth noting that the delay itself ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Con Clown Circus Strikes Again

They were already the worst government Canada has ever known, a freakish horror show and a fascist circus. But as the economy heads south, and their desperation grows, Stephen Harper's Con clowns are sinking to new levels of depravity and incompetence.Because everywhere you look they are making fools out of themselves…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Secrets of the Con Regime

He runs the most shadowy government in Canadian history. Where everything is either a secret or a talking point.He likes to muzzle the truth. Or bury it. Like his shameless minions have just been caught doing with this climate change report.Read more »

Accidental Deliberations: Dig faster!!!

Shorter Greg Rickford: It has come to my attention that after eight years of propagandizing for pipelines and demonizing anybody who points out environmental concerns, nobody considers Conservatives to be even faintly credible in protecting the public interest. But I’m sure we can win people over with my bold new strategy: another year of propagandizing ...

Boreal Citizen: Occupy the MP Party / A Harper Year in Review

Parliament is winding down, and it’s getting close to Christmas…do you know where your politicians are? Most likely they’re boarding a plane and heading back home to sip egg nog with their constituents. Which has me thinking, why should Conservative MPs enjoy such a festive holiday when we citizens are still reeling from another year ...