Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Imaginary War on Christmas

Oh no. Duck and cover. Two weeks ago I accused the Cons of waging a real War on Christmas, by laying off people and killing jobs at this time of the year. Now it turns out they're also in the trenches defending themselves from the imaginary War on Christmas. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Great Con War on Christmas

Well I see the Cons have finally found a good way to use our Parliament eh?It may be a lousy House of Democracy, but it does make a great Christmas ornament.And it does send out a powerful message to its rabid base: there will be no War on Christmas here. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Cons and the War on Christmas

Oh my Ding Dong. Deck the gazebo with boughs of holly. Or steaming mounds of horse shit.Tony Clement, the King of Muskoka and the Minister of Misery, wants us all to know something REALLY important.He's no grinch, and the Cons don't hate Christmas. Read more »