THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: For Caregivers, It’s All About Gratitude

My husband Jim and I are in Milwaukee visiting our daughter.  Natalie works here at an arts research foundation and we really wanted to see where she lives (it’s so important for us parents to visualise our kids in their surroundings!). It’s a wonderful city and we’re excited to leave for Dayton, OH tomorrow where ...


You won’t receive any cards or cakes for National Caregiver Day.  You won’t be handed a box of chocolates or a new diamond ring either.  If you did, you would have made it or bought it and wrapped it yourself. That’s the thing about caregiving, it’s for someone else, usually someone we love.  And that’s because caregivers learn, ...

350 or bust: Take Time To Renew Your Spirit

* It’s time to drop the hate and embrace the love.

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM - A Blog by Donna Thomson: Thanksgiving 2013

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  It’s early Saturday morning now and I’m packing groceries from the fridge into shopping bags to bring to our cottage in the mountains.  Everyone in our extended family is there already.  Except Nicholas and my Mum, of course.   Yesterday I visited Nick in the afternoon and together, we ...

350 or bust: Happy Father’s Day

Here’s a shout out for all the dads out there, and especially the three in my life – my husband, my father, and my father-in-law. You are all awesome, and I love you. May your pancakes be piled high! * *

350 or bust: The Gift Of Gratitude

I’m grateful for this TED Talk on gratitude:

A Novelist's Mind: Lilian Nattel Online: A Brief Encounter with Meaning

Today I walked to the post office to mail a copy of my book to my dear friend J who is currently living in China. I’ve meant to do it for ages, but I was too busy and then I was recovering from being too busy. So this afternoon I printed out the address in ...