Alberta Diary: Miraculously, no one trampled as Tories race for Alberta Legislature’s exits

Alison Redford crashes through the Alberta Legislature. Below: Frightened and relieved, Alberta Progressive Conservative MLAs race from the vicinity of the Legislative Building in Edmonton yesterday; Nostradamus; Moses. Actual Alberta politicians and legislative architectural renderings may not appear exactly as illustrated. It must have seemed a little like the panic scene in post-war Japanese monster ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: How it all began, I mean, AFTER the nuclear explosion

[phone rings] Sumiko: Soto Noodle — you will want to suck them fast! Godzilla: So you serve noodles? Sumiko: Yes sir, we are noodle shop. Godzilla: Excellent, I’d like an order of noodles, shaken not stirred. [pause] Sumiko: I’m sorry … Continue reading →