Mulgrew: What does Lawful Access mean for civil liberties?

By Ian Mulgrew for the Vancouver Sun The Conservative government’s omnibus “tough-on-crime” legislation should be redubbed “tough-on-civil-liberties” if it embraces all the last Parliament’s law-and-order leftovers. Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed during the recent election campaign to push through a sweeping all-inclusive package of the bills within 100 sitting days and that commitment was reinforced ... Upcoming dates for the UBB hearing and other proceedings

A lot has happened since the height of the Stop The Meter campaign: we went through an election, we saw the emergence of a pro-Internet community and pro-Internet candidates, the report Casting An Open Net was released, and more. In that time, the fight against usage-based billing (UBB) has also grown and become more complex, ... Lawful Access: Murky intelligence operations running roughshod on the public Internet

Cross-posted from Mediamorphis The other day I pounded away madly on the keyboard about global internet regulation. I was perturbed by the preliminary ‘e-G8′ meetings convened by President Sarkozy that seemed mostly designed to push a regulated Internet on the basis of bringing order to a disorderly and criminal Internet. It was a bad idea I said. ... Canadian Telecom Summit and Vertical Integration: A Match Made in Heaven

When I hear ‘summit meeting’ two images come to mind. The first is power suit wielding bigwigs arriving in lavishly-polished sedans, and the second is public demonstrations. While this year’s Canadian Telecom Summit lacked public protest, it certainly had its share of high-profile government officials and industry executives. read more Open, accessible communications will be on the table at CPC Convention

Policy resolutions, including those related to Internet openness and accessibility, will be the hot topics at the Conservative Convention taking place next Friday June 10th. Delegates will speak to the policies that matter most to them in break-out sessions, and if sufficiently supported, will move onto the Plenary to be voted into CPC policy. read ... A step forward: CRTC to look into competition in Internet metering proceedings

The CRTC opened a public consultation today about the way large incumbent Internet service providers (ISPs) sell network access to their independent competitors. The results of this consultation will help to inform the hearing on the highly controversial usage-based billing (Internet metering) issue. read more CBC on online video: CRTC needs to set down rules to prevent possible "cartel-like behaviour"

By Emily Chung for CBC News Canadians may face restricted access to video services like Netflix and mobile access to Stanley Cup games unless new regulations are put in place, smaller telecommunications companies warn. read more