Excited Delirium: Canada: Conservatives Not Wanted

In Newfoundland and Labrador, Canadians said goodbye to the last Conservative government in Canada.  It was a crushing defeat for the Newfoundland and Labrador Conservatives. This is a first*. I believe it’s happened because of universal dislike of the Harper Conservatives and their inability to tell the truth, manage the economy or create conditions of ...

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Naomi Klein on Neoliberalism, the Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism

Normally I post only essays that I have written on my blog, but this deserves to be an exception to the rule. This is a true Must-Watch. Naomi Klein clarifies the history of neoliberalism and the current state of the world in a few short minutes. 100,000 protests a year in China now, protests across ...

Dead Wild Roses: Greece – Will The People Accept the Dismantling of Civil Society (Austerity)?

    Here at DWR we’ve been keeping an eye on the Greek economic situation.  As early as 2010 we commented that the IMF had been working its magic on the Greek economy: “Did you ever want to see a society remade into the corporatist mode?  Greece is going down that path right now.  The IMF ...

The Canadian Progressive | News & Analysis: In Detroit, Pro-Democracy Movement Rises Against ‘Disaster Capitalism’

As new ‘emergency manager’ Kevin Orr takes over in ‘bloodless coup,’ community plans revolt By: Jon Queally | Common Dreams: Community and pro-democracy activists in Detroit have no intention of rolling over and playing dead for Kevyn Orr, the city’s new ‘emergency manager’ appointed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who […] The post In Detroit, ...

Alberta Diary: Sorry about what we said, Tom, but spare a sigh for Alberta, latest victim of Dutch Disease

These typical Albertans may be victims of Dutch Disease. Who would have thought just weeks ago they were wearing slim-cut jeans, ostrich-hide boots and nice Resistol hats like the people below? It’s pathetic, really! Below: Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, sorry Tom; Alberta Premier Alison Redford. All images just found on the Internet. Who would ...

Excited Delirium: Austerity: The High Cost of Tax Cuts

Austerity is a most vile concept, particularly when you think of just how rich Canada is.

Excited Delirium: Cancer Cured … But Not Funded

Did we find a cure for cancer and we’re doing nothing to make it happen?

Excited Delirium: A Good Interpretation of Herr Harper’s Retirement Plans

The NDP nail it when describing choices the Cons are making for us.

Excited Delirium: Excited Delirium Chapter 67: Aftershocks: China Scene of Devastation

Excited Delirium Chapter 67, where China experiences a massive quake created by our villians.

Excited Delirium: London Should Have More 50% Off Days

50% off wages? How about 50% off everything? Yeehaw!

Excited Delirium: If Davos Isn’t About Capitalism, What’s Stephen Harper All About?

Stephen Harper vs raging grannies. This is what Conservatives and capitalism are all about? Bullies and braggarts?

Excited Delirium: The Future of Labour in Canada

Labour has a future in Canada, but it’ll have to move swiftly and adapt before the Harpers and Fords destroy labour forever.

Excited Delirium: Davos 2012: You’ve Been Warned

What outcome will the economic leaders agree on when they meet in Davos in 2012? Expect less.

Excited Delirium: Timeline: How ‘Too Big to Fail’ Happened in the US

Too big to fail a result of bad regulatory policy? Absolutely. See why.

Excited Delirium: #Occupy Electro-Motive?

How can Canadians respond to the insult that comes from Caterpillar? And when unions know this is coming, why are we chronically unprepared?

Excited Delirium: A Brief History of Plutocracy

Plutocracy has always been around us. So what’s a reasonable substitute?

Politics, Re-Spun: A Happy Birthday for Haiti

So I’ve just turned 45. What a sweet age! Instead of asking people to only bring a quirky 45rpm record to my party next month, I’d rather give people an opportunity to donate money to the Canadian Red Cross for Haitian earthquake relief. As many of you know, the case study in my master’s thesis ...

Excited Delirium: Global Research ’2011 Year of the Dupe’: An Awesome Read

Read ‘2011 Year of the Dupe’ by Global Research. You’ll enjoy it and appreciate some truth for a change.

Excited Delirium: Canadian Press Sucks Up to Harper as ’2011 Story of Year’

Quelle surprise: mainstream media excited about Harper’s majority win and declare it to be ‘story of the year’.

Excited Delirium: A Sad Day For The World

Under Barack Obama, the US taken a definitive step into the ugly world of fascism now that the National Defense Authorization Act is now law.

Excited Delirium: Toronto’s ‘Emergency’ Warning

Toronto: it’s time to stand up to Ford’s lies.

Excited Delirium: Where Did the Fed Get $7.7 Trillion?

The Fed in the US as explained by Dennis Kucinich.

Excited Delirium: You Can’t Nationalize Carbon Costs

It’s stupid to think that a carbon tax would have any benefit for our economy or change habits.

Excited Delirium: Economics, Media and Mass Manipulation

Change is inevitable when the cards are stacked against so many people.

Excited Delirium: Tax Changes Worth Considering

Eliminating deductions represent an obvious way to improve public finances without punishing those small companies with new tax increases. This article offers up a few simple ideas related to this topic.