centre of the universe: Three Stories

A Story About Crows for @lizzers_ Once Upon a Time, I lived far north of here in a “ranch-style bungalow” on a hill in a city bound by a river. The city itself still had many Wild Places. Not the kind of wild places where one might go after a night in one’s cups, but ...

cmkl: The history of the world through little squares of paper

My dad collected stamps for a large part of his life – from boyhood until some time in the late 1980s. And it seems he inherited his father’s stamp collection. I say this because some of the stamps I found amid the moldering binders and tin boxes clearly predate him.

cmkl: And now the next stage of life

Apart from a brief but wonderful stay at my aunt and uncle’s cottage this past weekend, my life has been consumed by the bureaucracy and mechanics of death.

cmkl: Memorial service for Michael Lawson

Friends and family of my father, Michael Lawson are holding a memorial service for him at “the farm” Saturday August 11 at 1pm. All who knew him or know his family are welcome to attend. Please contact me privately for details.

cmkl: Michael Ivan Lawson, 1936–2012

My dad was someone you had to work beside to get to know. He wasn’t one to talk about himself. He loved to – had to – keep busy.

Paulitical Satire: Follow Friday – For My Father – #FF

So, another, far more talented Paul wrote about his father today and it is as heartfelt as it is thorough. Paul Wells has always been a writer I admire and this piece is a good reminder of why.Still, I want to write a note to my father anyway because while the writing will be vastly ...