Montreal Simon: Justin Trudeau and the Pornography of the Cons

As you know I am up in the north of Scotland, where it has been too wet and too windy to take off my shirt.But even here I heard about this story.And how the Cons are trying to exploit it.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why We Can’t Get Rid of Stephen Harper’s Porky Legacy

They were the ads no Canadians could avoid, no matter how hard they tried. For they were everywhere.Stephen Harper's porky propaganda ads, paid for with gazillions of OUR money.And although the Liberal government is moving to ban that kind of blatantly partisan advertising.The Liberal government has introduced new rules to prevent the use of public ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Porky Election Call

It seems only fitting that Stephen Harper should kick off his last election campaign, in the same way he has governed this country.By seeking to extract maximum political advantage from the withered carcass of our democracy.By making it only too clear that the H in Harper stands for hypocrisy. Or hog.And of course by lying ...

Montreal Simon: Can Stephen Harper and his Cons Really Buy the Election?

Well there he was in Saskatchewan yesterday, looking as ghastly as I have ever seen him.Announcing his plan to shrink the Senate by attrition. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is vowing not to make any more Senate appointments, in an effort to distance himself from the scandal-plagued Red Chamber and to goad provinces into agreeing to reform or ...

Montreal Simon: The Con Porkers and the Disgraceful Muzzling of Elizabeth May

Over the years Stephen Harper's Cons have turned our parliament into a heaving grunting monstrosity, a fascist circus, a political pig sty.They cut off debate, they answer any question about anything with the same talking points. They yell, they holler, they shout down their opponents like good ol' rednecks high on hooch. They lie like thieves, over ...

Montreal Simon: Pierre Poilievre and the Smearing of Sheila Fraser

I must admit that when I saw that Pierre Poilievre was going to absurd lengths to avoid mentioning Sheila Fraser's name, at first I was amused.I figured that the way she demolished his foul so-called Fair Elections Act, had left him in a state of shock, totally humiliated, and boiling with anger.And that he was afraid that ...

Montreal Simon: Chris Alexander and the Con Assault on Justin Trudeau

Oh boy. I guess it's because we are winter. And this one has gone on for too long.For what else could explain the grotesque sight of the ratty Chris Alexander, scurrying out of his PMO briefing.To accuse Justin Trudeau of being a dangerous communist. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rob Ford: The Con Thug and the Death of Decency

He has shamed us all in the eyes of the world, with his moral corruption, his bloated vulgarity, his bestial behaviour.He stinks of Con Canada, it oozes out of every sweaty pore.He simply can't help himself. Just when you think he can't sink any lower, he does. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Smearing of Tom Mulcair

There couldn't have been a better illustration of what Stephen Harper has done to our Parliament and our country. A more disgusting example of how he corrupts everything he touches. Smears anyone who gets in his way. And is making a mockery out of our democracy.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and the Foreign Workers Scam

Well it was quite a spectacle. Jason Kenney in the House of Commons, trying to limit the damage of the foreign worker's scandal.Desperately trying to make it go away.But the look on Peter Kent's face told the story, showed how much that scandal has hurt the Cons.And nothing Kenney said will make it better.For anyone who witnessed that ...

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Kinky Attack on Justin Trudeau

We knew that he is the most grotesque political pervert this country has ever seen.The ringleader of the RepubliCon raincoat brigade who brought American-style attack ads to Canada.We knew he couldn't wait to screw Justin Trudeau. Because he's so jealous of him, so frightened of him, so DESPERATE. But did Great Kinky Leader really have to whip out ...

Montreal Simon: The Humiliating Collapse of The Porky Action Plan

Uh oh. The alarms are honking away at Porky Action Headquarters. The Con hogs are still strutting around on their hind legs promoting their fraudulent porky plan.But the reviews are coming in, and the stench of panic is is the air.Because they are DEVASTATING.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Are We Paying for Con Propaganda?

They are the most sinister government government in Canadian history. The masters of the Big Lie.But who will save us from their foul propaganda? How dare they make us pay for it?And when is enough ENOUGH? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Con Cabaret

OMG. It's true. They really are trying to change Stephen Harper's image. It's the most massive makeover in Canadian history. Even bigger than the last one.For there he was today making merry with Monsieur Bonhomme. And so soon after cuddling the chinchilla.Bye bye Mr Nasty Crazy, hello Great Nice Leader. But of course appearances can be ...

Montreal Simon: The Cons and the Patronage Machine

Uh oh. I see the sign on the Con Farm barn has been changed. Ignorance is Strength is still there. But Patronage is Bad, the slogan that Great Napoleon Leader used against the Liberals, has been subtly revised. Now it reads Patronage is Porky, as in normal. Or yummy. Read more »