Our submission, your voices: Cell phone horror stories in action at the CRTC

Our job at is to amplify citizens voices in the fight for our digital future. So when Canadians took action and told your tales at, we listened and used your comments to inform our crowdsourced submission to the CRTC’s proceeding on a national code of conduct to protect cell phone users. You can ... Nowak: It’s time to ban phone unlocking fees

For the past month we’ve been asking you to share your Cell Phone Horror Stories to tell decision-makers at the CRTC what steps to take in fixing our broken telecom market. Today is the last day to submit your comments before we’ll be sending them along to the CRTC. If you haven’t already, share your ... You told us, we told them: A report-back from our meeting with Telus

When several senior representatives from Telus asked us to meet with them we knew immediately what we wanted the meeting to include: direct citizen stories about disrespectful and expensive cell phone service in Canada. This was clearly a unique opportunity to bring Canadian voices directly to executives running one of the big three cell phone ... Telling Your Cell Phone Horror Stories: Adam

As decision-makers at the CRTC continue to invite citizen input in developing a new wireless code, we’re continuing to share some of the stories that Canadians have sent in through We’re making progress with having digital policy decisions that are made with public interest in mind. If you haven’t already, share your Big Telecom ... Telling Your Cell Phone Horror Stories: Michelle

Michelle is all smiles after ending her relationship with Big Telecom Bell over increased costs and a monster twelve-page bill containing over 480 tethering charges she received earlier this year. Visit to share your experiences and help provide input in creating a new wireless code for Canadians. read more Telling Your Cell Phone Horror Stories: Alexa

When decision-makers at the CRTC announced they’d be gathering Canadians’ input into restructuring a new wireless code, you made your Big Telecom horror stories heard loud and clear. While we continue to share your stories sent through, the CRTC has now announced an additional way to share your comments with them directly. This is ... Unlocking Canada’s Wireless Code

Canada’s wireless market has long been locked up by the Big Three giants at Rogers, Bell, and Telus who have mislead Canadians into accepting substandard customer service. It’s a chokehold that has confined the growth of smaller competitors and one that continues to set the rules on what service is adopted as being ‘fair’ – ... The Toronto Star: How Canadians reclaimed the public interest on digital policy

Canadians have long been speaking out to safeguard affordable access to our communications – but only recently are we seeing digital policy decision-makers at the CRTC beginning to put public interest first. Canadians are in the drivers seat and we need to tell the CRTC which direction to take. Share your and help enact ... Bringing Big Telecom down to earth: Help up create a new set of rules for Canada’s telecom giants

If you had the chance – what would you say to the heads of Canada’s Big Telecom giants? It’s a tiring process trying to talk with someone – anyone – from within Big Telecom who seems to empathize with or understand Canadians. We’ve been a conduit for citizen concerns from the beginning with our ... Telling your Cell Phone Horror Stories

For the past few weeks we’ve been asking you to share your to tell decision-makers at the CRTC what steps to take in fixing our broken telecom market. Now, we’re looking to feature some of the most engaging comments we’ve received from Canadians with regards to price-gouging, contracts, customer service and more. If you ... The Globe and Mail: New boss, new way – CRTC aims to serve Canadians

Over the past month, we’ve seen a number of decisions made by the CRTC that have resulted from Canadians speaking out against Big Telecom’s unfair practices. The CRTC has shown they are willing to listen to Canadians, so let’s make ourselves be heard. Share your and let’s take the steps to fix our broken ... CBC News: Cell-shocked Canadians speak out against Big Telecom

Big Telecom’s increased control has contributed to Canadians feeling ‘cell-shocked’ by our broken telecom market. But if you had the chance to change anything about your wireless services, what would it be? Policy-makers at the CRTC are now opening up their decision-making process to Canadian input. Share your Cell Phone Horror Story at and ... Big Telecom’s cell phone complaints rise

The number of cell phone complaints increased this year by 35% – a spike that can be attributed to Big Telecom’s tightening grip over over our communications. But there is good news, as Canada’s communications policy makers at the CRTC have invited Canadian input in future decision-making. Speak out and share your cell phone horror ... The Tyee: Police won’t say if they use cell phone surveillance technology

After last week’s push to revive invasive Online Spying Bill C-30, police are now refusing to comment on whether they have accessed Canadians’ cell phone data without a warrant. Call on your MP to speak out against this intrusive expansion of surveillance powers at Article by Andrew MacLeod for The Tyee Police in three ... Canadians spooked by cell phone service

As we encourage Canadians continue to share their, your support has helped in getting the attention of policy makers and producing media coverage nationwide. The CRTC is taking notice of what you have to say, so we’re rallying your voices to get even louder. Share your horror stories and visit to face your ... Epoch Times: Wireless complaints are on the rise

In a report released last week, Canada’s cell phone services received the notable dishonour of having the most complaints out of any telecommunications service. It’s time for these concerns with our broken telecom market to be addressed by the CRTC. Share your story through our online tool and let’s work towards a wireless code ... The Globe and Mail: CRTC chief aims to gain the trust of Canadians

In the wake of Canadians speaking out to, CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais is emphasizing the importance of earning Canadians’ trust and input in future decision-making. Let’s ensure that this pledge to serving the public interest stands. Show the CRTC that Canadians are stuck in an unfair and expensive cell phone market by sharing your ... Get fired up and share your story

The CRTC decision on stopping Bell’s takeover has shown that Canadians are being heard. Now let’s continue to push forward in fixing our broken telecom market. Share your horror story at and show the CRTC that Canadians are stuck in an unfair and expensive cell phone market. read more Globe and Mail: Online campaign takes on ‘telecom price-gouging’

Last week, the CRTC put forth a call for public comments to help shape the future of Canada’s wireless market. This week, we’re launching a new campaign to ensure that Canadian voices are heard loud and clear. With your support in speaking out, we’re already gaining traction in media outlets nationwide. Make your voice heard ...