centre of the universe: Danger Zone

Please go read this article (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/gretchen-kelly/the-thing-all-women-do-you-dont-know-about_b_8630416.html). I’ll wait. If you’re already on Twitter, you’ve seen this already. I spent about a decade trying to look not-female (which was tough, given my body shape) and being very angry that I couldn’t go out to the club or the bar without having to be “on guard”. I was…

centre of the universe: Don’t Need to See

I love radio. I’ve always loved radio. Right now, I love radio more than usual. Just because you can do something, like take photos of dead refugee children, or take live footage of people being shot in the street, doesn’t mean you should use that footage. The best news reporters don’t need to shock their ...

centre of the universe: Not with a whimper

I thought I would be much, much older before so many of my friends died. I thought I had more time. That’s the thing, isn’t it? We always think we have more time. Well, we don’t. That’s just the thing. Cherish every single moment because while time is not finite, our lives are. We are so ...

centre of the universe: It ain’t easy

This is a difficult post for me to write. To be honest, I don’t even know if it’ll ever get posted publicly. I’m not particularly good at this sort of thing, and the idea that people use their blogs to kind of…I dunno…bleed out all over the place gives me the squickies. So I don’t ...

centre of the universe: When a Body

My granddad is in this photo. He’s the kid perched on the plough. It’s his father driving the car. David Henry. My granddad ended up looking just like him. Uncle Reg is beside David Henry, and their neighbours are standing … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: By sea, by land, by air

Canada has operated internment camps for Japanese, Ukrainian, German, and Italian Canadians. These Canadian citizens and immigrants were accused of being saboteurs and spies and were forcibly removed from their homes and were detained in government-run work camps throughout the country. They were not permitted any defense, and in fact, there was no proof that ...

centre of the universe: Used To Be Pretty

Some folks seem to have this idea that if only they have more or get more or get something different, that all of the Bad Things in their lives will be magically fixed. This is a troublesome mindset. I think it’s related somehow to the bullshite idea that if you think positively enough about something, ...

centre of the universe: Late last night or the night before…

Last night I was fortunate enough to be able to play in my first ever tabletop Werewolf game, hosted by AJ. It’s all done by magic now, you see, with (so far) four players in three different cities playing via videoconferencing. Let me tell you, I’m liking this. So after the game was over, we ...

centre of the universe: Head Like a Hole

First, I’d like you to go to Netflix and watch a documentary called “Head Games”. It’s about brain damage due to contact sport. It talks about concussions in football, hockey, and boxing. And entertainment wrestling (not greco-roman wrestling). It’s an incredibly interesting and well-done documentary. One of the really good question it raises is why ...

centre of the universe: Without You

I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s strange, and I don’t believe you’re gone. I never thought of picturing a world without you in it. I don’t want to picture that world now. I wonder if she mourned you or whether your death came as a relief. Whether she stood in the living room with ...

centre of the universe: Red Door

I know it’s trite and overdone, but this is pretty much how things are going today:

centre of the universe: David

You always remembered Because one time, in passing, I told you “Irises are my favourite flower”. Every year on my birthday, an Iris from your garden. One year, a drawing of an eyeball. “Here’s your birthday iris,” you’d written. Sometimes – often – I hardly understood what you were talking about. You gave my meagre ...

centre of the universe: But sometimes, good things happen

I have been pooping an awful lot on and around social media lately. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t missed effbook at all since we broke up. We still see each other now and then in the grocery store, and while we may not make eye contact, we at least can say ...

centre of the universe: Sometimes, everything works out

There is nothing quite like the feeling of painstakingly hand-knitting a sweater for someone who dies partway through the process, then having to repurpose the sweater for someone else whose arms are longer. I say this only because it’s a … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Spin

Not long ago, my provincial government decided to do away with a program that created hundreds, if not thousands of jobs in the province, and which brought with it millions of dollars in revenue for the province. On the face … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Antisocial Media

Putting stuff out into the EEEEeeeEEEeeEEeether is not social. It’s narcissistic and self-serving. It’s ego-stroking. And I am the worst for this. (For reference, see “centre of the universe: the dreaming”. AKA: this bournal.) It is altogether too easy to … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Heritage Education

Please consider signing the petition to save educational resources at the Motherwell Homestead, one of Canada’s amazing national parks, here in Saskatchewan, that preserves our provincial heritage. http://www.change.org/petitions/enironment-canada-parks-canada-maintain-the-historical-integrity-of-the-motherwell-n-h-s# Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Fionnlach

Madeline stops dead in her tracks when she opens the door. The man in the doorway is tall, strong-built, with wire-rim glasses and a shaved head. He carries a case of beer under one arm. Madeline’s mouth is still hanging … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: O Lamy, my Lamy!

– Remember: No good comes of Walt Whitman – O Lamy! my Lamy! my lovely pen is gone; The pen has written every word, the letters sought not done; The book is near, the bells I hear, the people all … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Winter Wind

It seems today is the first day of winter I turned my back away, thinking I would not feel the chill of your leaving Still, it blasts through me. Your heart full to bursting I wasn’t there to wish you … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Right Now

It seems I will never sleep again Or else sleep too deeply for the rest of time Today I hate Sundays because Sundays are a day of goodbyes My soul is raw and tender with your leaving We created the … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Hibernia Burning

Words won’t let me settle I held you under water My mouth covered yours Not in passion, but to steal your last breath I have been Cassiopeia tumbling inverted through the winter sky I have been Hibernia burning yet nothing … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: We’re Doing It Wrong

I watched a video today that a friend (a couple of friends, really) shared. It’s embedded down there. The long and short of it is that a boy who has gone through shite with bullies is not giving up. I … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Seventeen

Some days, you still break my heart.

centre of the universe: Where was I?

I saw you there, standing on the corner at rush hour. I thought you were standing with your friends from school. You were all talking, and, I thought, joking around. But then things turned. In the flash of an eye, … Continue reading →