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I’m taking a break on posting to this blog. I’ve received a few queries about this so for any interested in more detail link here. You can also get to the page from the link “Blog Status Update” in the sidebar. I recently updated the page with some additional information.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Five Foot’s Hubby Booted Off Blogger?

These Israeli-Palestinian set-tos always Put Arnie over the moon, so I imagine someone reported some kind of hate-speech/policy/terms-of-service violation thingy to Blogger Central and they yanked his site.  But no matter, looks like Ms. Shaidle will have work with a new John Tory administration. PS.  Pic can be made bigger by clicking on it. The brutal lessons of 2013.

2013 has been a rather tough year for this blogger. I ran for the Vice Presidency of the Alberta Liberal Party and was unsuccessful. Quite quickly I found I had little support in Edmonton and that I had to work harder to earn the trust of people. It was truly a humbling experience. When the Alberta ... Vincent Visits the Manning Centre

The other day this blogger went to a Manning Centre training seminar on visual communications — on building better looking websites, designing election signs, and creating campaign literature. This is the same Manning Centre that has been in the news recently and been a target of a fair bit of speculation on their efforts. As ... Vincent Endorses Graeme Maitland’s Run for AYL President

Vincent St. Pierre, Canada’s #1 Political Blogger and Alberta Young Liberal, has endorsed Graeme Maitland in his run for President of the Alberta Young Liberals. See Vincent’s endorsement below. “My name is Vincent St. Pierre. And I am proud to endorse Graeme Maitland for AYL president. His work as a young liberal in Calgary-Klein, efforts ... That one Liberal leadership candidate you haven’t heard of yet and probably should –

His name is George Takach. He’s in the second tier of fundraisers — along with front runners Martha Hall Findlay and Marc Garneau – and is making inroads into the party faithful and the web-aware around Canada. Just recently he finished an Ask Me Anything question and answer session on the political subreddit ‘Canada Politics’ where ... Calgary-Centre: The Day After

It has been a wonder of a campaign. For the Harvey Locke campaign the Liberals doubled their support from 2011 (going from 17% to 32%) and sent a message that Calgarians were willing to give the Liberals a crack at representing them. It was a 4% spread and the highest result for the Liberals in ... 2%.

With a week to go Harvey Locke is 2% short of taking on the Tories and winning in Calgary-Centre. It’s that close. That’s some 100 votes. This is a once in 40 years chance to upset the Tories, send them a message, and show that Calgarians wont be taken for granted. This is what I ... Final Round of Voting for Best Canadian Political Blog

Alright. Look, guys, I’ve been good this year. I’ve blogged regularly, I’ve been keen on the recent debates, I’ve gotten on Don Martin’s Power Play, landed myself on CBC, and pulled in tonnes of people into provincial and federal politics. I’m a talented blogger and an increasingly capable political type. I need your help. I’ve made ...

Canadian ProgressiveCanadian Progressive: The Canadian Progressive covers Power Shift 2012

The Canadian Progressive’s publisher and progressive political blogger, Obert Madondo, will be reporting on the 4-day Power Shift 2012 conference taking place in Ottawa and Gatineau on October 26-29, 2012. More than 1000 youth from across Canada are expected for the conference, which seeks to “galvanize a broad movement” pushing the Harper Government to  act to ...

CalgaryLiberal: PC candidate throws Allison under bus.

You know it’s bad in Tory town when their candidates start to throw the central campaign under a bus. Ms. Kennedy-Glans, running against Bruce Payne (Lib) in Calgary-Varsity, has called out her premier on the infamous “Do-Nothing” committee. A committee that Dr. Swann, when he was on it, used his $1,000 a month from that ...

CalgaryLiberal: The Latest Idiocy from David Climenhaga

I would like to draw your attention to this strange piece that Mr. Climenhaga has written about Daveberta blogger, David Cournoyer. Mr. Climenhaga alleges that since Mr. Cournoyer has allegedly appeared on a pamphlet advertising a Christian rock radio station that Mr. Counrnoyer has conservative leanings and a dark, evil agenda. At first I thought ...

CalgaryLiberal: Where has Vincent been?

Everywhere, that’s where this one blogger has been. Last month’s convention in Ottawa was a roaring success–with the open primary system that the Alberta Liberal championed and now the federal Liberals have chosen to adopt the next leader in 2013–that I supported and fought for on the convention floor for both parties to adopt. Since ...