Diagnosis: Too much freedom

We took Simon to see the avian vet yesterday, to consult about his behaviour problems. She thinks he’s got too much freedom and he’s taking advantage of it. He has overthrown the rulers and seized power! I need to rein him back in, start some daily training and convince him – gently – that I’m […]

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Simon has a new word. It’s a little word, and it’s not the most exciting thing a parrot has ever said. But there’s just something about the way he says it… The word is “Hi.” He says it in the sweetest, friendliest, most enticing voice I’ve ever heard. You can’t

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My son never went through the Terrible Twos. He breezed through two just as sweetly as he breezed through one. He was friendly and agreeable, and we got along happily almost all the time. (He was a very good negotiator though. His second sentence, for example, was “Not yet, soon.”)

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I still watch the Birds for Sale category on Kijiji, just in case. (In case of what, I’m not really sure. The last thing I need is another bird.) Last night we went to Critter Jungle for dog food, and of course I stopped by the bird section to say

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Here are some of the things we did this weekend: Spent a day out at Chandler’s, painting and glazing the rest of our pottery pieces. Went to the International Puppet Festival in Almonte, which features the shortest and best parade ever. Went to the Garlic Festival in Carp, which proves

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  “Wow!”  says Simon. “Wow!” I say. “Wow!” says Simon. “Wow!” I say. “Wow!” says Simon. “Wow!” I say. “Wow!” says Simon. “You’re talking!” I say. “Wow!” says Simon. “You’re amazing!” I say. “Wow!” says Simon. “I love you!” I say. “Wow!” says Simon. “Wow!” I say. “Wow!” says Simon.

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They say you should never get an African Grey parrot because of their famous speaking abilities. It’s not fair to the parrot, and besides, there’s no guarantee that the African Grey you get will actually talk, unless of course you adopt an already-speaking adult, which is a very good idea.

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This is what a typical Birdie Breakfast looks like around here. Going clockwise from the left, that’s Simon’s breakfast, Kazoo’s breakfast and Oboe’s breakfast. By suppertime, Simon’s breakfast dish will be empty, Kazoo’s breakfast dish will be half-empty, and Oboe’s breakfast dish will be upside down on the floor of

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I spent all day Friday as a prisoner in my own basement. My tub and shower were being replaced with a Bathfitter acrylic surround, and there were some smelly chemicals involved. Birds are extremely vulnerable to chemical toxins, which can cause their delicate little lungs to hemorrhage, so I wanted

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