A little scattered

I’ve been a little scattered lately. I arrived home from work on Monday to the sound of Kazoo cackling in the dark. The whole time I was taking my boots and jacket and stuff off, she kept saying “Hello,” and laughing, and I kept saying hello and laughing back. As

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We brought Oboe home from the hospital last night. There hadn’t been any improvement since Friday, but no deterioration either. Poor little guy. Life’s tough right now. But so is Oboe; he’s a feisty little bird. (Although you wouldn’t know it to look at him right now. His personality has

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We have a new toy at our house! For my birthday, my son gave me a gift certificate for my favourite pet store, Critter Jungle, which just happened to be having a sale on these Zoomax perches.

It required moving all the furniture around to make room for it, since it needed some aerial real estate […]

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Apparently it’s not cheating if you cheat at Nanowrimo. It’s called Being a Rebel. They even have Rebel badges and everything. Rebels are creating all kinds of books at Nanowrimo, including cook books, memoirs, short story collections, haiku collections, and more. I even saw that one person is doing the first draft of her thesis […]

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I got a job! I start on Monday! I’ll be working four days a week for a non-profit housing organization I already know and like, with people I already know and like. It’s just for a few months, but it’s great for now. I’m excited, though a bit apprehensive because it’s been so long since […]

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The morning after I wrote that last post about all the things my birds have destroyed, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap, and Simon was standing behind it playing peekaboo with me. He’d poke his head over the top and I’d say peekaboo and he’d look all pleased with […]

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The Baseline Cowboys raised $300 in empties and spare change for Christie Lake Kids on Wednesday! Rumour has it they’ve also volunteered to help out with Christie Lake’s cooking program. It seems everybody who meets the Baseline Cowboys has something to say about how likable they are.

Here’s a photo of them sitting in the […]

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Logan is practically blind now from the diabetes or the insulin, I’m not sure which, so he moves very slowly. After returning from a walk one day last week, he was taking a long time to step through the back door. As a result, Oboe, the winged speed demon, managed to slip outside. Suddenly the […]

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This morning my friend Grace shared a link to an article by Lisa Bloom called How to Talk to Little Girls.

In it, Ms. Bloom acknowledges her first instinct when meeting little girls is to tell them how cute they are, since they generally are awfully cute. But she doesn’t allow herself to do that, […]

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We had perfect weather here in Ottawa yesterday, which only happens about once every 42 years. It was sunny and warm, not hot, with a cool breeze, and the humidity was only 45%.

In the early evening we went for a walk: Logan the Dog out in front, then GC, me, and Oboe the Lovebird […]

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Kazoo and Oboe

I got all the birds’ vet tests back last week, and everybody’s healthy.

The big news is that Kazoo was DNA-sex-tested. With most parrots, including Double Yellow-Headed Amazons, you can’t tell the boys from the girls by looking – even by looking very, very closely. Even a vet can’t tell. They don’t […]

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