centre of the universe: Alouette

Way back in the nineteen somethings, Canada was going through the sort of identity crisis we all go through when we’re about fifteen. Québec was all stomping around the place, slamming doors and cupboards and shouting “JE PARS” everytime someone looked at it. “Hey, Québec,” we’d say, “I like your cheese. You have lovely cheese.”…

centre of the universe: Danger Zone

Please go read this article (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/gretchen-kelly/the-thing-all-women-do-you-dont-know-about_b_8630416.html). I’ll wait. If you’re already on Twitter, you’ve seen this already. I spent about a decade trying to look not-female (which was tough, given my body shape) and being very angry that I couldn’t go out to the club or the bar without having to be “on guard”. I was…

centre of the universe: Sing, O Muse

Hubris is a term that we equate with excessive pride. Not just being boastful. It isn’t regular pride in something you accomplished (I got out of bed today! You bet your butt I’m proud of that). It’s a kind of pathological pride in which you elevate yourself above the common man, when you challenge the…

centre of the universe: Frozone

I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I have, in the past, taken medications to deal with some of the symptoms. I have used light therapy (I had this great doctor who had therapeutic lamps in his office and I could just stop in a few times a week to read/study under them). I make sure to…

centre of the universe: Don’t Need to See

I love radio. I’ve always loved radio. Right now, I love radio more than usual. Just because you can do something, like take photos of dead refugee children, or take live footage of people being shot in the street, doesn’t mean you should use that footage. The best news reporters don’t need to shock their ...

centre of the universe: Waitaminute, do what to whom? In the where?

TL:DR – (sexual) harassment isn’t funny. It’s illegal.

centre of the universe: Unpopular

I’m a little reticent to post this, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. I think I’m ready for all the trolls and hate and malarky. I get that what I’m about to say is an incredibly unpopular opinion, and that probably I don’t understand the details and am putting my own family’s lives ...

centre of the universe: Be Careful What You Don’t Ask For

Not even three full years after enacting moderately sexist “Frat House Legislation“, Premier Brad Wall announced that his government had “reversed our mistake to allow strip clubs in SK.” With a rather smug nod to the reason being related to human trafficking, without any …whattayacallit… proof or supporting documentation whatsoever, without any public consultation other ...

centre of the universe: Saskatchewan Racist as Fuck No Surprise To Anyone But Folks Who Don’t Like Indians

Yeah, I stole the title from my own Twitter stream. I’ve seen these headlines over the last couple of days that talk about how SHOCKED everyone is to find out that SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH has PROVEN that Saskatchewan is full of people who pretty much hate each other. This should come as no surprise to anyone ...

centre of the universe: I will survive

I am a woman. This probably won’t shock you. I am a woman, I am a feminist, I am a mother, I am a lover…I am many things. But I want to tell you about something I am not. I am not afraid. Oh sure, I have fear. I worry about my family, about the ...

centre of the universe: Why a Communications Strategy is imperative

Man, that sounds boring. Bear with me, okay? Whether you are running a business, employed as a writer or PR or communications staff, or whether you’re running or managing a minor sports team, a dance troupe, or a non-profit, you need a communications strategy. This might be as simple as “I have everyone’s email and ...

centre of the universe: No Public Telephone

My Internets died today. And then my phones died. And the only way I knew my phone died was when #HisNibs texted me to ask why nobody was answering the phone. And I said, “you mean the phone that hasn’t rung all…ohhhhh…” So I called SaskTel, who is our phone and Internet provider. They were ...

centre of the universe: Shaking my confidence daily

I was just thinking…wondering, actually, how many blog posts I’ve begun with the word “Sometimes”. Because I was just about to begin this one with that particular adjective. Not that that matters; I was just wondering. This is tough to explain, but I’m going to try to do it anyway. I became very close friends ...

centre of the universe: Without You

I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s strange, and I don’t believe you’re gone. I never thought of picturing a world without you in it. I don’t want to picture that world now. I wonder if she mourned you or whether your death came as a relief. Whether she stood in the living room with ...

centre of the universe: Hallmark

The hallmark of being an “adult” is that when you’re having a seriously homicidal day, you don’t choose to cry so hard you gag on your own spit because the universe isn’t aligning itself with your own intense narcissism. In fact, the hallmark of being an “adult” is really leaving narcissism behind you. That’s the ...

centre of the universe: What Really Happened

I figure you would like to know what happened here over the last few days but are too embarrassed to ask. So I’ll just go from the beginning with the Hirt version. Wednesday I come home from work with an extremely sore throat and an inflamed tonsil. I have not had problems with my tonsils ...

centre of the universe: I’m a collector, not a hoarder

You always hear that, don’t you. When you watch those programmes with people who have seventy eight cats all living in the house with them, turding on the floor in piles taller than the coffee table. Houses where rats have … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Freedom Has Consequences

This article is about a London, Ontario man who posted a cruel comment on the memorial site for Amanda Todd (the 15-year-old Port Coquitlam, BC girl who committed suicide last week) and who was subsequently fired from his job after a … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Isthmus

I’m sorry. I can’t do it anymore. I cannot bridge the gulf between the vast and endless ocean that is this need. Not that it’s anything I’ve ever accomplished in the past. Maybe it’s just that I thought you wanted … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Dumb

Okay, I guess I need to preface this post about the recall of infant chairs by reminding you that all parents are psychotic. All of us. First, we decide to host parasites. IN OUR BODIES. Or, if we choose not … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: O Lamy, my Lamy!

– Remember: No good comes of Walt Whitman – O Lamy! my Lamy! my lovely pen is gone; The pen has written every word, the letters sought not done; The book is near, the bells I hear, the people all … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: UR DOIN IT RONG ALSO

You know, it’s unusual for me to get this upset about something I see on effbook status updates. I mean, there’s a *reason* I don’t do effbook very much anymore, and the sheer number of idiots posting shite that makes … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: My Wednesdays are more like Mondays

A while back, I submitted a fairly hastily thrown-together manuscript for a ‘new writers’ publishing contest. The manuscript wasn’t as ready as it should have been, and in fact, was pretty bare on content. So I wasn’t surprised when I … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Where was I?

I saw you there, standing on the corner at rush hour. I thought you were standing with your friends from school. You were all talking, and, I thought, joking around. But then things turned. In the flash of an eye, … Continue reading →

centre of the universe: Brief Lies

This has been a fairly difficult week. All I can say is thank Christ it was really bloody nice outside. I woke up this morning to the snow sky and the yellow leaves on the lawn and I immediately felt … Continue reading →