daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Exclusive: Daveberta.ca now available exclusively in print paper editions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 1, 2016 Edmonton – Marking the first complete Blog-to-Paper jump, daveberta.ca is now available exclusively in paper form. “I am really excited about this new historic initiative,” said daveberta.ca publisher and founder Dave Cournoyer. “I believe there is… Continue Reading →

BigCityLib Strikes Back: It’s April 1st

April Fool’s day.  Conduct yourself accordingly.  Which is to say, trust nothing that you read.  Even this. That is all.

Alberta Diary: Alison Redford set to sue Alberta Government for wrongful dismissal

The $45,000 Question: How could they put Alison Redford on probation … and then not give her a chance to shape up? Former premier Alison Redford intends to sue the government of Alberta for wrongful dismissal. The former premier believes that because she was given a “work plan” by the leadership of the province’s Progressive ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Ask General Kang: Do you celebrate April Fool’s Day on your planet?

I invite you to consider the staggering odds that you and I speak the same language. I, a superior species from a far-distant galaxy, and you, a glabrous hominid of no real worth, somehow share the glorious language of my … Continue reading →