Blunt Objects: Forum Alberta Poll & 2012 Election Projections

Forum Research has another poll out for the Alberta provincial scene, showing a closer race than last time, with 37% PC, 30% Wildrose, 14% ALP, and 13% NDP. Note, however, that it’s entirely within the margin of error of Forum’s last poll, not to mention the last Abingdon Research poll, which showed very similar results. ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Is Alberta’s most entertaining political season in a lifetime drawing to a close? Gosh I hope not!

Get me Wildrose, Rewrite! Your blogger, who many not be exactly as illustrated but used to have a typewriter just like that, pounds out a last plea for a poll showing Alberta Conservative fortunes in decline before heading off to Okinawa. No soap! According to the Edmonton Journal’s political columnist yesterday morning, “if recent public ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election candidate update – february 2012.

With an election call expected in the next three or four weeks, Alberta’s opposition parties are busily nominating candidates to stand in the upcoming vote. Some parties, like the Wildrose Party and the NDP, are close to nominating a full-slate, while the Liberals are scrambling to catch up. The Alberta Party and EverGreen Party are ... - Alberta politics blog: letter by former mla a glimpse at desperate times in the liberal party.

“At year’s end there is a saying, “Out with the old and in with the new” “Unfortunately, this does not apply to your St. Albert Provincial Liberal Constituency Association. The reality of our situation is that “The old is not out and the new is the same old.” A letter sent to current and past ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta budget 2012: keep calm and carry on voting tory.

Alberta's 2012 pre-election budget. Judging by past performance, not rocking the boat is a difficult thing for Finance Minister Ron Liepert, who managed to table a budget yesterday that will rock Albertans to sleep before it rocks them into a riot. Reminding Albertans of just how good their forty-year government is, the Tories are subtly ... - Alberta politics blog: voted wildrose – got a free tv!

From the Edmonton Journal: Wildrose candidate John Oplanich is offering a big-screen television and $25,000 in University of Alberta scholarships to constituents who visit him in his Edmonton-Castle Downs campaign office. “Come in to learn how you can win a brand new 50-inch 1080p TV valued at $1,000 on election night,” Oplanich said in a ... - Alberta politics blog: pc party shoots the [shiraz] shariff. premier redford to appoint a new candidate in calgary-west.

As I first wrote about in yesterday’s post, former Calgary-McCall MLA Shiraz Shariff has been disqualified as the Progressive Conservative candidate in Calgary-West after complaints of voting irregularities at the recent nomination meeting. Shiraz Shariff Mr. Shariff narrowly defeated former Alberta Health Services chairman Ken Hughes, who sits in Premier Alison Redford‘s inner circle and ... - Alberta politics blog: alison redford to appoint a new candidate in calgary-west, say tory sources.

Premier Alison Redford Following claims of voting irregularities at the recently held Calgary-West Progressive Conservative nomination meeting, Tory sources are saying that Premier Alison Redford may find a new candidate to carry her party’s banner in that constituency. The hard fought nomination battle saw former Calgary-McCall MLA Shiraz Shariff shock political watchers by defeating past Alberta ... - Alberta politics blog: worthwhile ideas from the alberta liberal party.

Raj Sherman The title of this blog post will sound like an oxymoron to many Albertans. Launching an election campaign early, PC MLA-turned-Liberal leader Raj Sherman released his party’s 2012 election platform yesterday. After reading the platform, I was surprised that the Liberals were actually able to pull together such a well-presented document. The platform ... - Alberta politics blog: tories nearing a full-slate of candidates, opposition parties all over the map in election preparation.

After a week away from the blogging world, I spent some time this weekend catching up with plenty of election nomination candidate updates. Alberta’s political parties are all in varying degrees of preparation for the upcoming election and for the next session of the Legislative Assembly. The Spring sitting of the Assembly begins this week ...

Blunt Objects: Alberta Liberals Trend Towards Zero-Seat Finish

There’s a new poll out for Alberta this week, done by the company “Return on Insight” (ROI), which I don’t know very much about but is commissioned by the CBC to do polling from time to time, and have never been particularly crazy with any results. Their topline numbers fit somewhere in between the recent ...

Blunt Objects: Western Polls Gone Wild

Three polls of the two largest Western provinces have come out this week – one for BC, two for Alberta; two done by Forum, one done by Léger – showing different fates for everyone involved right now. One poll I already covered, and then argued with David Climenhaga over. Now there’s two other polls to ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta tories holding a packed nomination week.

I have updated the list of nominated Alberta election candidates to include the following three Progressive Conservative nominees: Edmonton-Centre: Young lawyer Akash Khokhar defeated Nicole Martel to win the PC nomination. In the next election, Mr. Khokhar will face Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman, who has represented the constituency since 1997. Edmonton-Gold Bar: Past Mayoral candidate ... - Alberta politics blog: new leger marketing survey shows tories in the lead, by a long-shot.

A new survey released by Leger Marketing was released today showing the Tories in the lead with huge margin, contradicting the Forum Research survey released earlier this week: Progressive Conservative: 53% Wildrose: 16% NDP: 13% Liberal: 11% Tweet This Post - Alberta politics blog: student vote alberta 2012: register today!

By The Student Vote Team We are pleased to announce that registration is well underway for the free 2012 Alberta Student Vote program! Registering now will ensure that materials for the program can be shipped to your school the moment the writ drops. The election is still weeks away, but more than 50,000 ballots have ...

Blunt Objects: Climenhaga’s Wrong on Forum Polls

This. This article by David Climenhaga on the recent Forum poll, who is an otherwise excellent writer out of Alberta, is another reason why I can’t read for any length of time without having a meltdown. The entire premise by Climenhaga is that Forum’s two recent polls – one in December and one out ...

Blunt Objects: New Forum Poll for Alberta

The new poll done by Forum Research in the provincial scene in Alberta shows much what they did last December, with 38% PC (=), 29% Wildrose (+6), 14% Lib (+2), 13% NDP (=), and 3% Alberta Party (-3). Minor differences, all changes except one within the 3% MOE – that exception being the six-point gain ... - Alberta politics blog: surveys show big-tent tories and ideologically polarized opposition.

A new survey released in the National Post by Forum Research Inc. shows Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives with 38% province-wide support and the opposition Wildrose Party sitting at 29%. This survey shows the Liberals at 14%, New Democratic Party at 13%, and the Alberta Party with 3% province-wide support. Danielle Smith Surveys conducted by Environics, Angus ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta election candidate update – january 2012.

As an election approaches, Alberta’s political parties are busy nominating candidates across the province. Listed below are some of the most recent updates made the list of nominated candidates, including recent Progressive Conservative nominees in Calgary-Fish Creek, Calgary-McCall, Calgary-West, Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, and Sherwood Park. Nominated Alberta Election candidates by region – January 23, 2012 ... - Alberta politics blog: alberta’s super saturday – tories voting in hotly contested nomination races today.

Supporters of Joey Oberhoffner, who is running for the Progressive Conservative nomination in Calgary-Fish Creek, rap for their candidate in this YouTube video. Mr. Oberhoffner is facing former Mount Royal University Dean of Business Wendelin Fraser in today’s nomination vote. Fish Creek is currently represented by Heather Forsyth, who joined the Wildrose Party in 2010 ... - Alberta politics blog: liberal party of canada convention 2012 – renewal past the tipping point.

Zack Siezmagraff Guest Post by Zack Siezmagraff I am confident that the LPC convention this past weekend, which I attended as a delegate and past candidate for AB-Yellowhead , is an event that I will look back at in 50 years and tell people, “I was there”. For those of you who pithily pontificate that the ... - Alberta politics blog: bev esslinger abandons riverview run and seeks pc nomination in calder.

Former Public School Trustee Bev Esslinger announced via email today that she will be seeking the Progressive Conservative nomination in Edmonton-Calder. The former north-end trustee announced only weeks ago that she was running for the PC nomination in Edmonton-Riverview. Calder PC MLA Doug Elniski announced his retirement yesterday. Here is Ms. Esslinger’s announcement: Effective immediately ... - Alberta politics blog: kevin taft goes rogue with new book: follow the money.

“If Alberta increased its tax rates by $11 billion our province would still have the lowest tax rate in Canada.” This was only one of the notable figures presented by Kevin Taft at the launch of his new book, Follow the Money, held last night at the Garneau Theatre in Edmonton. The outgoing MLA and ... - Alberta politics blog: mla doug elniski not seeking re-election.

Doug Elniski Edmonton-Calder Progressive Conservative MLA Doug Elniski announced on his website today that he will not be seeking re-election. Mr. Elniski was first elected in 2008. MLA Doug Elniski announces he is not seeking re-election. (Media Release January 19th, 2012) The greatest honour of my life was to be elected by my neighbours to ... - Alberta politics blog: mapping alberta’s nominated election candidates – january 2012.

Following my most recent update of election candidate nominations this morning, here are maps of the new electoral boundaries showing where candidates have been nominated for each of the five main political parties (Progressive Conservative, Wildrose, NDP, Liberal, and Alberta Party). See the full list of nominated candidates here. Map of constituencies with nominated Alberta ...