The Church Of Mothra - Home Of The Breakfast Mojito! ©: Do It Yourself Paranoia: Mothra Puts On The Onion Sombrero

You may have recently been exposed to a commercial for Coke Zero involving a disembodied tongue, eyeball, and brain, debating the merits of Coke Zero while a second tongue stands in the distance and watches…

No, this is not something that happened to me on LSD. It’s a real commercial.

The thing ends with the brain breaking up the tongue/eyeball debate. He threatens to make the tongue eat dirt, and ends with this very peculiar threat to the eyeball:

“You are going to have to wear the onion sombrero. All. Day. Long. Señor.”

I’ve seen the ad several times and I can confirm that yes, the brain does say “onion sombrero.” At first I wondered if this was some slang term I simply hadn’t heard before, like “Dirty Sanchez.”

I think I have uncovered the secret of The Onion Sombrero. I think Coke is trying to launch a meme. It’s a catchy phrase, and a Google search reveals that the phrase didn’t exist prior to the commercial. And hey, if Google can’t find something, it doesn’t exist, right?

Long-time readers of this blog may recall my ongoing attempts to find a corporate sponsor. Given the underwhelming response to my entreaties, I’ve decided to attach myself to this meme while it’s young… like a pilot fish attached to the Great White Shark of Coca-Cola’s marketing department.

Thanks in advance Coke… in exchange for your unintentional generosity, I promise I won’t mention that recent settlement where you paid out $137 million US to your shareholders regarding a little matter of stock price manipulation. Or at least I’ll keep it to a minimum.

Time to sit back and rake in the Google-fueled attention!

And if Google brought you here (just like all those fine people looking for “Kat Von D Naked”), please… feel free to check out the rest of my blog. Who knows… you may end up accidentally having a good time.

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