Crazy Bitches R Us: Quran burning…

Ah yes, welcome to the Terry Jones church of "Jesus hates you."

WDBO Local NewsWATCH: Pastor says Jesus would burn QuranBy Brittny Krause @ September 8, 2010 7:50 AMDays before his scheduled Quran burning, Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones says he will go through with burning over 200 Quran’s on Sept. 11.In a special interview Jones tells ABC News that if Jesus Christ were here today, he would …

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Australia Decides 2010 (Finally) – My Predictions for the Next 3 Years

After weeks of indecision following the closest-race-in-Australian-electoral-history (probably?), Australia finally has a government. On 21 August, every Australian went to the polls (because they were illiberally forced to by their rights-denying government) to vote for the new government. Prior to the campaign, Labor leader and incumbent Prime Minister Julia Gillard enjoyed considerable support and was […]

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Claude Bechard Passes Away

Former Quebec Liberal Cabinet Minister, Claude Bechard, has passed away at the age of 41 after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. Mr. Bechard had just stepped down from his post as a cabinet minister hours before the tragic occurrence. He was a…

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Liberal Political Musings: Absurd Logic of Opponents of Long gun Registry Revealed

In an intelligent release on their website, the LPC has shown how ridiculous arguments made by opponents of the long-gun registry are by substituting guns for other things you need to register.

Here are the interesting arguments they came up with, and which, if the Tories and others are logically consistent, you can expect to see sometime soon:

* Criminals won’t register their dogs anyway, so what’s the point?

* The government wants you to get a fishing license so they can seize all of your fishing poles!

* The car registration scheme in this country costs millions a year and does nothing to prevent road accidents!

* You already have to pass a driver’s test to be able to drive a car, so what’s the point of having to register your car?

* There was a boating accident last week, and the boating registration scheme did nothing to prevent that from happening!

Clearly, we are wasting money on futile registries. I expect Stephen Harper to do something about this. It is disgraceful.

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