The Little Wedding that Grew

GC’s brother Charlie, GC, me, and my sister Deb GC and I originally planned on having a very small civil ceremony, maybe one step up from eloping. But during our five-month engagement we kept adding little upgrades. Like family, food, booze, cake, flowers, balloons, photographs, a poem, homemade wedding favours,

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I am 20,000 days old today! (And I’m very pleased that I get to share my birthday with Patti O’Stone this year.) Gc is making me raspberry jello with whipped cream. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the wedding, in case you didn’t see it on the news.

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My dear friend, Watawa Life blogger Robin Kelsey, died on July 2, 2013 at the age of 64. Robin was a photographer, a writer, a biker, an introvert, a lover of cats and a kind and gentle spirit. He was also one of my favourite people in the whole world.

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My sister Deb came into town this weekend to help me shop for something to wear to my wedding (which is only 12 days away, tick tock tick tock). Unlike me, Deb’s a veteran shopper. There are some things I can buy on my own (jeans, for example, and t-shirts),

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This has been a crazy week for news in Canada! Scandals within scandals! Between the scandal about the prime minister’s office covering up Conservative Senator Mike Duffy’s expense scandal, the sanitized Senate audit scandal, and the scandalous video of the Mayor of Toronto smoking crack, I’ve been riveted to my

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The other day I was on a conference call and we were discussing which tags and keywords should be included in a collaborative online database. The terms “substance use” and “harm reduction” were both on the list. I suggested we add “addiction.” Some other people on the call said that

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Well, they’re not NEW, exactly. The original lovebirds – Oboe’s parents, Billie and Lester – have moved from GC’s house to mine. It’s really nice to have them here, and they’re adapting very well. At first they squawked like crazy, and their arrival happened to coincide with the arrival of

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I was in Toronto last week for a conference on HIV, pregnancy and mothering. It was an excellent conference, very interesting, with a good mix of researchers, HIV+ mothers, and frontline workers. There were even a few babies, and a toddler who took his mom’s cell phone, placed it on

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Visiting the Downtown Eastside (DTES) has churned up some contradictions for me, and resolving those contradictions requires re-thinking some questions I thought I already knew the answers to: 1) To what extent do people choose to live in the DTES, and to what extent are they stuck there? 2) Does

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I’m still mulling over my visit to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – I’ll write Part II of that post once I figure out what I think. In the meantime…here’s something fun for you to do on May 1st if you happen to be in Ottawa. Gil’s Hootenanny, an evening of “Songs

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We have a bird perch in the shower – Simon showers with me, Kazoo showers with GC, and Oboe is versatile. Anyway, yesterday, after Simon and I finished our shower, we saw that Duncan was crouched in the doorway looking profoundly disturbed. A few weeks ago, a hinge for one

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We went to a great little event the other night at Patrick Gordon Framing. It was called Curated Castoffs: Art & Decor Edition. It was kind of like a collaborative garage sale where everything’s free. It works like this: At 7:00 pm everybody shows up with five art + decor

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