Lulu’s looking for her big break

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Hopefully someone out there is in a position to at least give her an audition. (Thanks to cat-loving blog readers Meg and Karen for sending this along.)

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This morning my friend Grace shared a link to an article by Lisa Bloom called How to Talk to Little Girls.

In it, Ms. Bloom acknowledges her first instinct when meeting little girls is to tell them how cute they are, since they generally are awfully cute. But she doesn’t allow herself to do that, […]

Continue reading My lovebird proposed to me

We had perfect weather here in Ottawa yesterday, which only happens about once every 42 years. It was sunny and warm, not hot, with a cool breeze, and the humidity was only 45%.

In the early evening we went for a walk: Logan the Dog out in front, then GC, me, and Oboe the Lovebird […]

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The Baseline Cowboys

I was walking down Baseline Road on Wednesday afternoon when I came across some happy dudes sitting on a couch with a sign that said “Spread the awesome.” They had a Vancouver Canucks jersey too.

So I stopped to talk to them.

“Whatcha doing?” I asked.

They told me that they do this […]

Continue reading GC buys a giraffe

It has been a busy week around here, what with birds and garage sales and Art in the Park and job interviews and other activities. I also had a three-day migraine, which finally lifted yesterday. At first, after the pain stopped, it felt like my brain was bruised, which felt blissfully better than the migraine. […]

Continue reading Favourite weekend of the whole year

Tomorrow’s the GREAT GLEBE GARAGE SALE! Woohoo. The rain will put a damper on things, but I’ll still be there.

It’s also Ottawa Race Weekend. The route has changed, taking it through more populated and livelier neighbourhoods, so there oughta be a lot more spectators, despite the rain. Good luck to all of you who are […]

Continue reading More police brutality in Ottawa

I find this story quite disturbing. Bad enough that the police are beating up on women and drunks and people in custody, but kids too?

The 15-year-old kid, on the evening in question, was getting into a little trouble with some friends – throwing paintballs, lighting a newspaper on fire in a schoolyard. When a plainclothes […]

Continue reading This, that and a secret

GC has been a vegan for two days now. I was only a vegan for a few hours, then I downgraded to vegetarian because I needed dairy products in my coffee. We’ve been wondering about vegan/vegetarian menu planning. Like…what do you eat? So far we’ve been eating oatmeal and salads and pumpernickel toast and fruit […]

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Kazoo and Oboe

I got all the birds’ vet tests back last week, and everybody’s healthy.

The big news is that Kazoo was DNA-sex-tested. With most parrots, including Double Yellow-Headed Amazons, you can’t tell the boys from the girls by looking – even by looking very, very closely. Even a vet can’t tell. They don’t […]

Continue reading Insite comes to Ottawa

The Harper Government TM is still attempting to shut down Insite, Canada’s only supervised injection site. The case is now before the Supreme Court of Canada, which is where I spent yesterday morning.

I had to line up to go through a scanner, and empty my pockets and put metal things in a bin and so […]

Continue reading Goodbye Rita

I read the papers and the obituaries almost every day. I don’t know how anybody can die in this city without me finding out about it, especially if it makes the news, and especially if they’re a friend of mine. But Rita did.

I ran into my friend John last week and he mentioned in […]

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