From Orangutan: Mainstream headlines demonize Quebec student protesters (again!)

(video – 5 mars 2013, Montréal. Ostie d’grosse manif de soir contre la hausse éternelle from Mario Jean on Vimeo.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013, marked the rebirth of Montreal nocturnal protests against the commodification of university education. Below are a few of the sensationalist headlines (linked) that appeared in some of the city’s mainstream news outlets the next day. These headlines demonize the protesters as violent criminals and sadly continue a shabby tradition of “news” coverage from last year’s Maple Spring.

English-language Media
Free tuition protest ends with smashed windows, arrests (CTV Montreal)
62 detained as protests resume (The Gazette)
Quebec student protest turns violent (Global Montreal)

French-language Media
Manifs: des commerçants veulent une police plus réactive (La Presse)
Droits de scolarité : comparution de six manifestants   (Radio Canada)
Violences et arrestations (TVA)

Sure, a MINORITY of protesters got out of control, but they do not represent the inspiring collective spirit of the MAJORITY of people walking peacefully through the streets of downtown Montreal, side by side, English- and French-speaking (among others), and with the common goal of universal accessibility to higher education.

On the encouraging side, the prize for most objective headline goes to CBC Montreal for
Students rekindle nighttime protest against tuition hikes (CBC Montreal). Et voilà. It can be done.

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From Orangutan: CTV Montreal viewers and readers say "No" to La Fête nationale du Québec

La Fête St-Jean or La Fête nationale du Québec is a statutory, provincial, public holiday celebrated annually on June 24, the feast day of St. John the Baptist, a popular event held since the Ancien régime of France. CTV Montreal, the city’s top televised mainstream source for English-language news, asked its viewers and website readers, “Do you do anything to celebrate Fete St. Jean?”

With 92% of those taking part in the survey saying “No” the non-scientific poll reveals the major disconnect that respondents have with the rest of the provincial population. Meanwhile, countless festivities are planned in Montreal, Quebec City, and elsewhere throughout the long weekend, with millions of people expected to participate province-wide.

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