Apology Of A Poseur

(The following was inspired by Deepak Chopra’s quackery-laden and hypocritically self-serving review of Richard Dawkins’ book, The Magic of Reality. Enjoy).I find myself saddened – yet also outraged – by Richard Dawkins’ latest written offering, an i…

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The Darkness Strikes Back

I’ve begun a series of video-essays on YouTube (my channel is here) titled "Welcome to our Semi-Dark Age". The first episode is now up (in three parts, due to time length restrictions by YouTube) – hopefully, my skills at video recording/editing will improve as I make more videos. Similarly, my pronunciation of English words remains a work in progress … In any case, I’ve embedded herein the

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You Know You Are Living In A Corporatocracy …

… when your elected government begs Big Business interests to help them write and/or kill bills:Back there, Transport Minister John Baird (yes – this same John Baird) was caught privately encouraging Canada’s big airlines to step up their lobby campaign in order to kill a proposed "passenger bill of right" while his predecessor, then-Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon, publicly supported s…

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Happy Holidays …

… and all that jazz.

Enjoy yourselves with family and friends. Party hard, but responsibly, eh?

In the meantime, a little food for thought, to which I say "hear, hear!":

The happy heathens
By Chris Selley

When the 2001 census-takers descended upon London, Ont., they found 83,680 people who described their religious beliefs as agnostic, atheist, humanist, non-existent or some “other resp…

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