The Progressive Right: Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night, #Remain ( #Brexit #EUref )

I’m expanding on a Facebook rant I went on.

From Facebook.

One of the tenets of a strong democracy, is a loud vocal opposition. So, I say this to the Remainers …

The leaders of Leave campaign are weak and have showed their cards. They made unfounded threats, invoked emotional outbursts, dire warnings, and impressed upon voters the immediacy of the need to withdraw from the European Union.

Hold them to it.

Why haven’t they insisted on invoking Article 50? Why are they letting the Prime Minister and the governing Conservatives off the hook till Cameron’s successor is chosen? They have a clear mandate – why the delay? Why do they want a sober second opportunity to renegotiate their place in the Union? Why do you have to remain quiet because they won?

The Scots, who held an independence referendum not too long ago, were promised continued EU membership. What now?

Screw it. And, screw the people that say, “Well, let it go .. the people have spoken.”

Contrary to public opinion, shutting up because you lost is *not* democracy. Do you think the leadership and campaigners for Leave would be quiet had Remain won? Not a chance.

Sign the petitions. Join the Liberal Democrats. Move to Canada. Start a blog. Make ‪#‎WeAreFucked‬ trend on Twitter.

They made the bed, they get to lie in it.

There’s liberation in being in Opposition and being right.

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The Progressive Right: Report: How the Right to Deny the Existence of God is Under Threat Globally

Via, the Independent, How the right to deny the existence of God is under threat globally:

Atheists and humanists are increasingly being targeted as distinct minorities in “hate campaigns” across the globe, according to a new report which found that religious and political leaders are ratcheting up rhetoric against those who believe there is no God.


The Freedom of Thought Report, which rates every country in the world for anti-atheist persecution, found that almost all countries discriminate against the non-religious, in some cases through religious privilege or legal exemption.

Canada’s blasphemous libel law, religious tax exemptions, and public funding of religious schools made the report (among others).

From Canada’s section within the report, on page 191:

Despite what should be strong constitutional protections for freedom of thought and expression, significant religious privileges are in force [in Canada], both nationally and in several of its ten provinces and three territories.

You can download the full report here.

I was pleased to see the Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta) propose a resolution to repeal Canada’s blasphemous libel law. I hope to see it on the Winnipeg biennial floor.

It’s certainly far worse elsewhere in the world, no question. Doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done here.

Hopefully, we can remove some of these policies.

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The Progressive Right: Orange Crash ( #ndp #cdnpoli )

Unadulterated arrogance was the reason for the NDP election loss – and it`s on full display in this article. They point to everyone else but themselves for their loss.

Craig Scott, who was defeated in Jack Layton’s old riding of Toronto-Danforth … wrote, “Liberal MPs … were fundamentally lazy, sitting passively in their corner of the House … and arrogantly waiting for the messiah to take them back to the promised land of power.”


“The backroom lobbyists moved over to the Trudeau team,” [Charlie Angus] wrote. “Corporate Canada is a more content place today.”

 “I think maybe Canadians weren’t ready for us, didn’t understand some of the differences between the NDP and the Liberals,” [former NDP MP, Megan Leslie] said.

Strategic voting was to blame. The corporate elite was to blame. Our platform and our team was perfect. Everybody but the NDP was to blame.

Spoiled, entitled, and angry.

Although, to be fair, some are more than ready to step up and slap anybody who publicly criticizes the party. Perhaps that’s why we see such fervent partisanship.

Four years in the wilderness will be good for them.

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