Canada II: Yes to Capitalism, No to Greed

The political arena is strange. So much of the time it’s about "defining" the opposition. News flash – the left is not against capitalism.

Greed is visceral. We all know what it is. It is all around us every day but it is no longer directly visible to us. The direct connections have been disguised, hidden or broken completely.

It is often greed that drives someone to knowingly dump toxic

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Canada II: Harper vs First Nations

The following article, in a nutshell, provides the basis for all of Harper’s actions with regards to First Nations. He does not believe they should be able to stand in the way of so-called "progress" for Canada.  He also believes, being of the religious right, that the Earth is for us to plunder at will.

Cabinet Mulls Massive Chinese Project

We’ve seen comments from him in the past pointing in

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