RIP Fern Hill.

I would like to acknowledge the passing of former Progressive Blogger affiliate Fern Hill. Her former blog affiliate on here would be Birth Pangs – you can still find some of her old posts that we archived. It shows the titles and a summary.. but it won’t take you to her blog as that has long disbanded, I do have the original posts however in the database.. and I’ll be looking to see if I can’t share those with one of her friends in the next few days so you get a taste for what she posted about and how she posted. -She had many battles and she fought very hard in all of them for what she believed in – even with me, for which she eventually left this affiliate. She went on to form a group blog called Dammit Janet. My battles with her are nothing but memories now.. I hold no grudges against her and I acknowledge she was a very influential blogger and that she will be missed by a lot of people.

My sincere condolences to her friends and family.