Premier Clark probably knew everything

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Its pretty rich for Premier Christy Clark to claim ignorance in a scandal that has engulfed employees in her own Premier’s office…and very unlikely that she was clueless about the strategy to harvest the ethnic vote as if it was a crop in the field.

Premier Clark may not be the brightest leader BC has had, but she isn’t stupid either. For every denial we hear about her lack of knowledge regarding the Multicultural Outreach memo, more evidence comes out that she directed her office and political strategy with this memo’s contents and themes at their .

For example, its now come out that she was adamant that the Bollywood Awards held before the May 14 provincial election.

 If Christy Clark really didn’t know what her high level deputies were doing, then she is incapable of leading her party and commanding the loyalty of those nearest to her office which makes her unfit to serve. Or, maybe she’s lying. My opinion? The latter.