but..politics DID play a role at the Colorado theater massacre.

When is the media going to talk about what everyone is thinking? That the increased radicalization of the far right in America is the main contributing factor in the domestic terrorism that America faces from time to time.
Faced with the prospect of the re-election of liberal leaning Democratic President Barack Obama, the right wing is in hysterics trying to prevent this.
They are engaged in everything from outright lies about his policies and personal attacks on his character, to attempts to disenfranchise entire voting blocks seen as relatively friendly to the Presidents party.
But there is something deeper at far more sinister. Its the generational attempts to radicalize the right, and it has its supporters up and down the political chain of command as they see it to their path to power.
The right wing has its own brand of pseudo-scientists and economists, powerful thinkers and other conservative philosophers whose ideals and rants border on hate and loathing.
Its a contest it seems to see who can out-radical each other. This was never the thinking of former great icons of the right. Proponents of freedom and less intrusive government should look with great suspicion the far rightists of today’s politicians of the the right as few of their ideals match the idealists.
All of this radicalization of conservative intelligentsia and policy makers shifts the talk off the mainstream. This is why its considered mainstream now to compare Obama to Hitler. Yes, its being done. Its false and a horrible lie, but the only way to destroy the man is to make him less than human.
The right wing in America pretends to be a big supporter of Second Amendment rights contained within the Constitution of the United States. Proponents of the protection of those rights, namely the NRA, skewer all things progressive and ‘big government’. In their mind, the bigger the government, the closer it is to interfering in your daily life. Lost on that discussion though is the fact that some of the most Orwellian encroaches into private life was via the Patriot Act launched by President George W. Bush.
When you boil all this down to every day politics, you have a divided public. Those on the right are radicalized into thinking that the Communist Obama is ‘out to get them’…add in some of the tainted dogma of the far right anti-liberal thinking, wrap yourself in the imaginary threat to Second Amendment rights, and surround a slightly unstable rightist anti-social radical clutching his guns and you have an explosive situation at hand.
And then Rush Limbaugh, patron saint of the far right radio talk show hosts, opens up and rips the new Batman movie as an attack on GOP Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney. So Hollywood as aligned itself with the communist-liberal-democratic party and out to take over the country, take our guns, and eliminate our freedom. While this isn’t exactly what Limbaugh had said, its not hard to see how an unstable follower of the far right radicals in America could be drawn to his own conclusions on this…and take matters into his own hands.