Prime Minister announces new naval base for London, Ontario

LONDON – Taking the sting out of the recent closure of the Electromotive plant, the Prime Minister announced Friday that London will be the site of the Navy’s new headquarters and largest naval shipyard. London’s new military command centre will oversee operations of Canadian Fleet Atlantic, responsible for the operation and readiness of the Atlantic fleet. The Canadian Task Group Centre in London will be the home base for any East Coast deployment of ships to military exercises or operations. The new Ontario base will have the ability to protect Canadian waters while boosting employment in Canada’s shipbuilding sector.

When local Opposition MP pointed out that London was located on an unnavigable small river 2,000 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, the Prime Minister answered “I’m trying to run the country without you extremists standing in the way of progress”.

“I want the people of London to know that I’m standing right behind them, and I’ll stand behind them 24/7. Well, maybe not when they’re standing naked in the shower. That would make everyone feel a little awkward”