GOP Culture war might win them an election

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Watching the GOP nomination race unfold, I note that its taken a shift to the weird with the unexpected debate over contraception erupting over the news media of America.

Or maybe its a brilliant strategy.

Triggering a culture war is something that helps Republicans…and its not that they’re aiming to woo the independent voters, or disaffected Democrats. They’re aiming to excite and inflame their own evangelical base because of the fact they are a massive voting block. If they can be radicalized enough, they’ll vote with great enthusiasm to oust Obama and vote for whatever nominee is selected.

The strategy is working too. Social issues have displaced the economy from the focus of the national debate. Unfair, since contraception has been legal and available (and had been incorporated in many health plans) for almost 50 years.

But like many many other things, the issue isn’t the issue. The GOP is simply trying to engage their own voting block, and they will use almost any inflammatory language possible to do so…however false it is. The best way to thwart this strategy is to call them on it.