Adrian Dix is a pleasant suprise

He wasn’t my first choice, but Adrian has won me over. I think that at the time, I was hoping for a Mike Farnworth victory for the NDP leadership when Carole James was ousted as leader. I was fearful that Dix would be smeared for his links to the 90’s NDP government when he served as a high ranking official close to Premier Glen Clark.
Times have changed a lot, and that man that was so hated in BC (Glen Clark) is now the right hand man to Jimmy Pattison’s multi-billion dollar empire. Pound for pound, Glen Clark is a successful businessman than Gordon Campbell. Former Premier Campbell was a failure at private business and has earned most of his living as a taxpayer supported politician: as Vancouver Mayor, BC Opposition leader, Premier, now a diplomat for Canada in London, England.
Adrian Dix as a leader has shown the discipline of a Premier in waiting. He has his caucus whipped into line, acts respectfully towards the government and party they oppose, and as far as tactic goes – is frustrating the BC Liberals into desperation.
All the BC Liberals have left as a weapon is to smear Adrian Dix with images and content from the 1990’s NDP government…but the BC Liberal’s their own problem – they have a legacy of corruption and incompetence too. Attacking the NDP for what it did almost 20 years ago stinks of desperation. The more distant the past is, the more information comes out that exonerates the former regime than condemns it. Its now provable that the BC NDP government of the 1990’s had a better economic performance in terms of job growth, investments in education and healthcare than the Liberals over their term so far. That information wasn’t available a while ago, but it exists now and takes a lot of wind out of the sails of the BC Liberal attack machine.
As far left as the Liberals would like to claim that Dix is, he is refreshingly and surprisingly moderate in his approach and policy as revealed so far. The BC Liberals are running out of ammo…soon, they won’t have a gun left.