BEST study challenged by ‘crank’

Who knows who to believe in the climate science game. I put my lot in with the majority who believe, especially with the publication of the recent Koch brothers’ funded BEST study. But leave it to one curmudgeon scientist to challenge the study and become the darling once again of climate skeptics.

Introducing Judith Curry, a skeptic who is part of BEST leader Richard Mullers’ loosely-based team. Curry, unlike Muller, has not changed her mind about global warming. She doubts it. Despite being thoroughly uncovered as a ‘crank’ with little science on her side, it did not stop UK’s climate denying Daily Mail from exploding a story based on an interview with Curry casting doubts on the BEST study, claiming that it is akin the East Anglia scandal, which of course was proven to be nothing of the sort, only a convenient – but wholly wrong – talking point for climate skeptics.