On the Ontario Liberal platform.

I had planned to go point-by-point through the OLP’s platform, like I did the OPC and ONDP. But, well — the platform really wasn’t worth the wait.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version:

  1. Harris was awful — never named, just “previous PC governments”, which is an odd choice, given Hudak’s close ties to Harris.
  2. Rae was the same — never named, just “previous NDP government”, which is probably a smart choice, given the party Rae is now associated with.
  3. The PC and NDP platforms are sucky.
  4. The McGuinty government has done everything right. (“eHealth?” Never heard of it.)
  5. Vote Liberal, and we’ll keep doing everything right

That’s seriously about it. There are scattered promises here and there — all-day two-way GO trains in and out of Toronto, for example — but they aren’t costed, they aren’t funded, and nowhere is it explained why these wonderful things haven’t been done in 8 years of Liberal government. (Not to mention all the things that are claimed as accomplishments that don’t actually exist yet — sticking with transit, how ’bout the Eglinton-Scarborough crosstown?)

So, that’s what the choice comes down to:

  • A selection of parties that don’t have a hope in hell of getting an MPP, and don’t have any serious plans I include the Greens here — get it together, guys, you’ve been in government in Europe.
  • An NDP that’s led, again, by a closet Liberal. Apparently, we didn’t learn the lesson of Bob Rae. I see zero evidence that Horwath believes in any of the traditional (labour) or modern (environment, education) principles of the NDP. Some policies are okay (transit), but only because the alternatives are so terrible.
  • A PC party that’s not as right-wing as Harper’s Conservatives, but, given the responsibilities of provincial governments, capable of doing substantially more damage. Seriously, if Hudak gets a majority, he’ll take us back to Harris and then some. Hope PC voters enjoy general strikes.
  • A Liberal party that has, over 8 years, proven it has no real ability to improve Ontario’s basic institutions. The best it can promise is to continue to stop them from collapsing too quickly.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m certainly inspired. Anyone want to form an Ontario chapter of the Rhino Party?

(I’ll try to get something up next week or so on the NDP federal leadership race, which might be more cheerful than the dismal state of Ontario politics. I’m actively looking for full-time work, though, and that eats up time.)