BKACPP – Communist Party of Canada

Party Name: Communist Party of Canada

Tag Line:

  • For peace, jobs, sovereignty and democracy

Leader (Location):

  • Miguel Figueroa (Davenport, ON)

Date of Founding:

  • May 1921

2008 election:

  • 24 candidates
  • 3,572 total votes
  • 10th of 19 parties

Notable History:

  • “Figueroa v. Attorney-General of Canada resulted in the courts declaring several sections of the Elections Act unconstitutional, including a precedent-setting judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada in June 2003 which struck down the 50-candidate rule as the threshold for federal party registration in Canada.”

Biggest Issues:

  • “Our goal is a socialist Canada, in which resources and economic wealth are socially (Read more…)