Politics and its Discontents: In This Season Of Getting And Spending

… a timely reminder about the practices of the world’s biggest retailer: This article is also worthy of perusal. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: But I Save so Much Money Shopping There!

For the true cost of those bargains that we all slavishly delight in (cue Pavlov’s dog), you might want to read this article about Walmart workers and watch the video below. As well, a recent post by Dr.Dawg is instructive. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: One Thing The Fast food Industry Refuses To ‘Super-Size’

“In both of my shops, I look around — There aren’t high schoolers,” ,,, “There are people with families, trying to raise families. And so the whole notion that this is for high schoolers or someone trying to buy their first car or college students trying to get a little extra spending money, that’s all ...

Politics and its Discontents: A Saturday Night Special

While I plan to do more with this topic tomorrow, the following video, via The Raw Story, offers some interesting insights on the minimum wage in the United States. All of the points made, moreover, are equally applicable to Canada. Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: It’s Never Enough, Is It?

Forget for the moment that Macdonald’s is one of the world’s biggest corporations; forget for the moment that a steady diet of its food will likely shorten your life; forget for the moment that it is a minimum-wage employer whose workers make it possible for them to accrue their billions of dollars in annual profits. ...

Politics and its Discontents: Why Companies Love ‘Guest’ Workers

But sometimes, as in the case of Hershey’s Chocolates, they bite off more than they can chew: H/t Oh Canada… Speak Up Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: A Tale of Two Countries: G.M. in Canada and Colombia

Corporations have, shall we say, a rather checkered history in dealing with the workers who make possible their profits, often viewing them as disposable commodities to be chewed up and then spit out. As contract talks with the Big Three automakers get underway, CAW president Ken Lewenza has issued this warning: Canada’s 24,000 auto workers ...