Dead Wild Roses: When Theism Takes a Drubbing

When actual science is involved, WLC loses.  Dispensing the boots to the head is Sean Carroll. Filed under: Religion Tagged: Atheism, Debate, Sean Carroll, Theism, WLC

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Disservice – William Lane Craig – Illustrating Circular Arguments

WLC is the goto christian apologist as of late.  One of the fun features of his “style” is that he does not argue coherently.  And here is why: He lost me when he got to the calculus bit, but the first counter-example was crystal clear.  🙂   Filed under: Religion Tagged: Circular Reasoning, Logic Fail, ...

Dead Wild Roses: The Obscenity of Christianity – Thunderf00t on WLC

As if you need another reason to hate the rotten edifice of christian religion… Filed under: Religion Tagged: Deluded Christians, Morality, Religion, Thunderf00t, WLC