Environmental Law Alert Blog: Water win against logging giant leaves many unanswered questions

Monday, September 21, 2015 Even though water has been at the heart of logging conflicts in BC for many years, it is very rare that logging companies are actually made to pay financially when they harm watercourses.  That’s why a rare out-of-court settlement announced this past week between logging giant, Tolko Industries, and Chilcotin Rancher, ...

Paul S. Graham: Video: The five main threats to Lake Winnipeg

October 26, 2013: Diane Orihel, founder and director of the Coalition to Save ELA, speaks to a workshop in Winnipeg on water quality sponsored by Idle No More Manitoba. Photo: Paul S. Graham Diane Orihel is a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta and the founder and Director of the Coalition to Save ELA.The ...

Politics and its Discontents: Water, Water Everywhere

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Politics and its Discontents: Government Would Never Abuse Its Authority, Would It?

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The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Water, water, everywhere…#nlpoli

Before they took office in 2003 – an election year -  the province’s Conservatives pounded the incumbent Liberals for the poor quality of drinking water across the province. Danny Williams thought the whole thing was such a big problem that he promised to make drinking water a key part of the Conservative agenda after the ...