cultural sn:afu: A conversation with Heather Dubreuil… stitching art together with needle and thread

Heather Dubreuil’s solo show, ‘Cityscapes: Collages in Cloth & Stitch’, opened at the Arbor Gallery on Sunday, and she was kind enough to sit down for an interview. Heather, who has been living and working in Hudson, Quebec, for almost … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: The ‘Vankleek Hill May Show’ is dead, long live the ‘VKH Victoria Day Weekend Arts Festival’… or something TBD later.

We’re doing just fine, thanks. …there’s a rumour going around that Vankleek Hill’s ‘May Show’ has been cancelled this year. But it really hasn’t. Vankleek Hill’s ‘May Show Arts Festival’ started in the early 1980’s — this would have been … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: A 17-Minute conversation with Williamstown artist, Erica Taylor… because 20 would be too much awesome for your brain.

This blog is meant to be a learning tool… both for us and others. A few weeks ago, Erica Taylor — the Williamstown-based painter / graphic designer / illustrator / wood worker / carver, agreed to sit down for an … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: The Internet is hard and makes your brain hurt… but there are easy ways to build your own online arts community

One of the easiest lies artists believe is “you need to use the Internet to sell yourself”… that, somehow, ‘the Internet’ will drag you up and out of obscurity, and bring you to a huge audience who will buy all … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Little Victor Update | Finally, he can fly

A few days ago Victor and Andrew, his older brother, were playing what was essentially ‘motionless tag’ in the living room. Basically it was Victor tapping Andrew’s shoulder, then yelling “tag, you’re it”, and Andrew immediately doing the same right … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: My grandfather taught me how to build a dam instead of islands

When we were kids, and we were lucky, it would rain. And the parking area of my grandfather’s mountain farm would fill up with streams and rivulets. The farm house was in a small valley, near the top of one … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Maybe it’s time to kill the May Show

The May Show of today is a pale imitation of the May Show that was so successful through the 1980′s and the first half of the 90′s, so maybe it’s time to stop pretending and just let it die. The … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: My daughter died while being delivered on Friday afternoon

Evangeline, my daughter, died while being delivered on Friday. My girlfriend’s water broke last Tuesday, while Evangeline was in her 22nd-week. The doctors and nurses at the Ottawa General did everything they could to keep Diane healthy, and Evangeline inside. … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Pregnancy Update: What happens when her water breaks far too soon

Diane’s water broke, so she has been in the hospital since Tuesday, and won’t be released until the baby is born. The problem is she’s only 22-weeks into the pregnancy, which is far too early for a safe delivery. At … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: MoneySense magazine ranks Hawkesbury 150th out of 190 cities, people ask ‘what the fuck is MoneySense magazine?’

For a few years MoneySense, a Toronto-based magazine, has been ranking cities in Canada from best to worst. For the third year in a row they’ve decided Hawkesbury is one of the worst places to live in Canada, and the … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Pregnancy Update | she’s a girl.

Thronged were the streets with people; and noisy groups at the house-doors Sat in the cheerful sun, and rejoiced and gossiped together, Every house was an inn, where all were welcomed and feasted; For with this simple people, who lived … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Little Victor Update | the TV zombie

I think I’m about to find out how much TV is too much TV in the safe development of a child’s mind. My two-year old son can recognize Dog The Bounty Hunter’s voice, and has now started to respond to … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: The avoidable and useless death of Debbie Hunter

A friend of mine… maybe an acquaintance I respected and felt great pity for, died today just days after being admitted to the hospital in Alexandria. From tuberculosis. Tuberculosis. She was 41-years old, or very close to it. I know … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Little Victor Update | Repetitive cacophony

A few years ago there was an episode of Family Guy called “Stewie Loves Lois”, where Stewie — the family baby who has spent most of his life trying to kill his mother — suddenly starts to appreciate everything his … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Little Victor Update | Like a fish

We finally took Victor swimming in the Rouge River. There’s a public beach in Quebec right at the place where the Rouge runs into the Ottawa River, so technically Victor had his first river swim in two rivers. It’s not … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Little Victor Update | Speed demon

Victor has been walking since April. Every day he gets more confident in his stride, and the motions get less jerky. Unfortunately the confidence is leading him to move at speeds he’s not quite ready for. Which means my son … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: The 2011 Liberal Party election results might count as ethnic cleansing

So… that was interesting. I, for one, am blown away at the collective humph to the nuts of the Liberal Party of Canada. It’s about time. The last fourteen years has been like being confined to a room with fans … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: The demolition of Vankleek Hill’s high school

Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (ESVCI), the high school I occasionally attended, sometimes for days in a row, is being slowly and finally demolished. When the school board finally announced Vankleek Hill would be getting a new school, to replace the … Continue reading →

cultural sn:afu: Victor takes his first walk

At the tender age of seventeen months, my son has started to walk. He has taken short steps before, about a month ago he taught himself how to appear to be walking while actually falling to the floor with less … Continue reading →