Dead Wild Roses: Battling Against the Odds? : Creationists Fail at Math

Potholer54 does a wonderful job of skewering the creationist stupidity involved with probability, he neatly lays bare the idea that MORE ZEROES = Scientific Fact because god said. Enjoy. 🙂 Filed under: Religion Tagged: Constructing the Straw Hypothesis, PotHoler54, Probability, Those wacky creationists

Dead Wild Roses: The Dumbest Question Award.

The “gotcha” question is tempting, oh so sorely tempting.  The problem is, what if the question you decide to ask reflects poorly on you and your general level of ignorance.   As with most train-wrecks, the results are ugly.  Watch Potholer dismantle yet another clueless christian creationist with nothing but the sober reality of empirical fact. ...