Cowichan Conversations: The Corporation-A Must See Doc Even If You Have Seen it Before-Enjoy

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger I realized that I wanted to watch ‘The Corporation’ again, and you can as well. There also may be other videos that you would like to see. Clip on the ‘Video” tab at top of the page for a growing seection of, worth your time moves, documentaries and videos.

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Corporate claustrophobia and sheer frivolity

Manic, rude, cut-throat and insane – yes, corporate culture is just lovely. No wonder two thirds of the people have one foot out the door – and the other third are looking for an exit. See the films, The Corporation, Office Space, and Brazil, if you want to better understand the corporate world. They pretty ...

Politics and its Discontents: How Much Do We Really Pay For Those Bargains?

There is a segment in the documentary, The Corporation, where Michael Walker of The Fraser Institute extols how corporations help developing nations by using their labour to make their products. If you watch the video below from 3:15 to about the 6:00 mark, you will hear his explanation: While the claims made by Walker were ...

Excited Delirium: A Good Interpretation of Herr Harper’s Retirement Plans

The NDP nail it when describing choices the Cons are making for us.

Excited Delirium: London Should Have More 50% Off Days

50% off wages? How about 50% off everything? Yeehaw!

Excited Delirium: The Future of Labour in Canada

Labour has a future in Canada, but it’ll have to move swiftly and adapt before the Harpers and Fords destroy labour forever.

A Different Point of View....: Calgary columnist challenged to write about Harper neoliberalism

On January 11, 2012, I offered any mainstream journalist at any large Canadian daily a free-dinner-for-two (value$150) if he/she could convince their editors to let them write an article or column describing the neoliberal policies of the Harper government. I have had no takers. But this week, I did hear from a journalist by the name ...

Excited Delirium: Davos 2012: You’ve Been Warned

What outcome will the economic leaders agree on when they meet in Davos in 2012? Expect less.

Excited Delirium: Timeline: How ‘Too Big to Fail’ Happened in the US

Too big to fail a result of bad regulatory policy? Absolutely. See why.

Excited Delirium: #Occupy Electro-Motive?

How can Canadians respond to the insult that comes from Caterpillar? And when unions know this is coming, why are we chronically unprepared?

Excited Delirium: A Brief History of Plutocracy

Plutocracy has always been around us. So what’s a reasonable substitute?

Excited Delirium: Global Research ’2011 Year of the Dupe’: An Awesome Read

Read ‘2011 Year of the Dupe’ by Global Research. You’ll enjoy it and appreciate some truth for a change.

Excited Delirium: Where Did the Fed Get $7.7 Trillion?

The Fed in the US as explained by Dennis Kucinich.

Excited Delirium: You Can’t Nationalize Carbon Costs

It’s stupid to think that a carbon tax would have any benefit for our economy or change habits.

Excited Delirium: Economics, Media and Mass Manipulation

Change is inevitable when the cards are stacked against so many people.

Excited Delirium: Tax Changes Worth Considering

Eliminating deductions represent an obvious way to improve public finances without punishing those small companies with new tax increases. This article offers up a few simple ideas related to this topic.

Excited Delirium: Occupy Santa Claus?

Is there room for the #occupy message via Santa Claus Parades?

Excited Delirium: Make Them Pay

It’s time taxpayers around the globe made a choice to get a basic and reasonable level of tax revenue out of all companies that make a profit.

Excited Delirium: London Ontario: Home of the Intolerant

London, Ontario becomes the first Canadian city to turf occupiers.

Excited Delirium: Koch Konnections (aka “If They Can Do It, We Can Too!”)

If the Koch Brothers can do it, we can (and should) too!

Excited Delirium: Another Gentle Coup …

Rumour has it that Greece leader Papandreou’s days may be numbered. Is it because he believes in democracy or because he doesn’t want to cave to lenders?

Art Threat: Let’s not make money – Friday Film Pick: 10 docs on capitalism & economics

With the Occupy Wall Street manifestations taking up much of our social and political imaginations these days, we thought we’d highlight a few great films that bring context to the current uprising and related issues. Protesters are of course creating awareness about and resisting the global financial system and all its inequities and bad blood ...

Excited Delirium: Quebec Outbreak: High Rate of Measle Infection Despite Vaccinations

A Quebec case shows vaccines are proving to be less and less effective. But will still spend billions on them. Why?

Excited Delirium: Follow the Money Behind Europe’s Debt Crisis

Fake fiscal emergencies are breeding the need for ‘austerity measures’ which must be resisted.

Excited Delirium: 70% Agree: Occupy Wall Street Reflects Their Concerns About Corporate Greed

A FOX poll (yes, FOX) reflects what we’re all thinking: it’s time for corporations to pony up.