Cowichan Conversations: Cowichan Conversations Poll on First West Credit Union Takeover of Island Savings Corrupted

      This poll has been corrupted.     Do you support or oppose the merger of Island Savings with Langley based First West Credit Union?   Support 77.68% (1,180 votes) Opposed 22.32% (339 votes) Total Votes: 1,519       The Poll appears to have been jimmied. ‘Opposed’ was  consistently leading by about ... Bell’s Takeover Goes to Ottawa?

After losing in it’s battle against Canadians before the CRTC, Bell announced it would try to get parliament to overturn the decision! Bell seemingly just can’t respect the will of citizens in a democracy. Despite Bell’s sour grapes, the federal government has stated that it won’t overturn yesterday’s groundbreaking decision by the CRTC to stop ... Techvibes: CRTC blocks Bell’s $3.4-billion takeover of Astral Media

Because of your support of the campaign, Bell’s takeover of Astral Media has been stopped by the CRTC. Had the deal been approved, Bell would have been given an overwhelming market share of Canada’s communications – effectively allowing them to price-gouge Canadians and restrict access to the open Internet. We’re now taking steps to ... We won.

Because of you, we’ve been heard loud and clear – and Bell’s takeover has been stopped. Read more about the CRTC’s decision in our Press Release. CRTC exec who spent evening in Bell box operated in ‘grey area’

An ethics expert is questioning the motives of Canada’s broadcast regulators, after it was revealed that the CRTC vice-chairman was a guest in Bell’s corporate suite at a hockey game late last year. With the CRTC currently reviewing their decision of Bell’s takeover of Astral Media, let’s remind them that the best interests of Canadians ...

World Headlines Review: East eats West?

This week’s Economist magazine’s headlining articles and cover-page, ‘Buying up the world- The coming wave of Chinese takeovers’ highlight the process and nature of foreign takeovers by Chinese firms.  The piece offers surprisingly little discussion or speculation as to China’s deeper motivations and timing in its recent takeover bids for large multinational companies, or as ...