BigCityLib Strikes Back: Chief Blair…Unchained

Seen at the bottom of Sue-Ann Levy’s latest: I posed a question while on a media panel at the last mayoral debate which stated Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has of late spent considerable money on lawsuits trying to muzzle members of the Police Services Board. This was incorrect and I apologize to the chief. ...

BigCityLib Strikes Back: First Steps For New Wynne Majority

@SueAnnLevy @SueAnnLevy Ontario should name a new tax after you.  Call it “The Sue-Ann Levy levy”.  #onpoli— Bigcitylib (@Bigcitylib2) June 13, 2014

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Rob Ford’s Crisis

…is really all about Sue-Ann Levy.  I admit I never really considered what strain she must have been under. Poor sweet Sue-Ann Levy.   Its so hard being you.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Sue-Ann Levy, In Flames

Man, social media is just poison.  Twitter destroys careers the way Facebook breaks up marriages. I’m almost feeling sorry for Sue-Ann Levy at this point. I’m just barely managing to avoid it.  PS.  Go here to watch the crash&burn unfold in real time.

Once again, let’s hear from a few Sun readers

Breathless smear merchants on King Street manufacture another “scandal.” Hilarity ensues. And then Sue Ann’s readers show their class …