Those Emergency Blues: Alzheimer’s Is Not Funny — Or Is It?

Via Osocio, a teenage sociopath scams his Alzheimer’s-afflicted grandmother — and manages to raise the age-old question: are some conditions simply not funny? Admittedly, a small giggle from me. But I am an unreconstructed ED nurse, remember? Filed under: Shock and Awe Advertising Tagged: advertising, alzhemer’s, health care advertsising

Those Emergency Blues: Feelings of Confusion and Disorientation

A unique ad campaign in Israeli movie theatres drew attention to Alzheimer’s Awareness Week. Watching people freak out — over nothing, really — is pretty funny too. [Via Osocio] Filed under: Shock and Awe Advertising Tagged: advertising, Advertising campaign

Those Emergency Blues: Your Man Reminder

Anti-pink ribbon breast cancer awareness from Rethink Breast Cancer. The charity bills itself as the “first-ever, Canadian breast cancer charity to bring bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd; foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters; infuse sass and style into the cause; and, most importantly, respond to the unique needs of ...